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  1. Kirk

    One time a Guest had to wait 15 minutes for a bus, that’s practically an hour. The Bus must be in a Time Warp.

  2. Scott

    I was at Magic Kingdom for New Years Eve/New Years this year. It was close to 2 AM before I was getting off the bus at Saratoga Springs. There are only so many buses that can run and each has a limited capacity. I can’t understand how someone could think that after waiting for attractions all day, there is magically going to be no wait for transportation that will take longer to load and goes over a much larger area.
    Tired or not, waiting is unavoidable unless you leave early.

  3. Its been my experience that the cheaper your resort the longer you will wait. Deluxe wait time for a bus is not the same as a Value. Disney puts priority on how much is being spent. Due to shortages of buses and drivers, even deluxe resorts have to share a bus for Studios and Springs.

    1. Pattirose52

      I’m a DVC owner and I’ve waited close to an hour while seeing several Pop Century buses come and go 😊

    2. Beth

      Not necessarily, we are DVC members staying at Beach Club and we’ve had to wait for busses. In October we had about a half hour wait from the Magic Kingdom. Bottom line is they are short staffed in all departments, one driver told us they had to outsource outside bus companies for some resorts

    3. Cody

      Speaking as a Disney bus driver that’s not quite true. Disney sends many more buses to the value resorts because there are so many guests waiting. Every day for pop century and art of animation Disney has well over 10-15 buses or more doing magic kingdom runs alone. There are just that many people going places. It may not seem like there are many buses running at any one point in time. But there are over 300 buses running at any given time. Waits are unavoidable period when we transport over 75% of the park guests every single day. We all work very hard to be on time and be efficient for our guests!
      I don’t represent the company in any way shape or form and don’t pretend to speak for Disney. But we all want to get our guests where they want to go as safely and quickly as possible!

  4. david

    There is no bigger waste of time at WDW then waiting for the bus to show up to take you somewhere. This is why we always rent a car when we go and pay for parking. It is just miserable to wait around a long time to get back to your hotel and crash after a long day in the parks.

  5. Gabe

    Simple solution: don’t go to Disney. There are far more wholesome places to take your children in the United States.

    1. Robin


  6. JB

    Your story indicates:

    It is also important to note that Cast Members are working to the best of their ability and want to get Guests to their preferred destination as quickly as possible, but unfortunately, sometimes, technical difficulties can happen, such as a bus breaking down. Please try to be as patient as possible as Disney Cast Members are doing the best that they can.

    How do you know this? What’s the evidence of this? Unless you can verify this, don’t try to ‘kiss ass’ to disney cast members saying they’re doing the best they can. Report on what you know, and not on what you aren’t sure of. Ridiculous.

    1. Goofy

      If they only reported on what they know, they’d have nothing to report on. This is basically a tabloid.

  7. John

    8 bucks for an uber. Problem solved

  8. Andrew

    Magic Kingdom at closing time the WHOLE bus area was full and not a single bus there they were all out on World Dr both directions were full of empty busses waiting to come in. 30 minutes later i hopped the fence and went over to the bus control van( it was on the side of the van) and proceeded in a not magical tone to ask why the busses werent coming in to pick up people and he said they were waiting…by none a few other people had come over to the van and one gentleman told him he needed to get a certain body part in gear and get the busses moving… a Disney security guard come over and asked why we were over there and was told we were waiting on a bus …”ok” and he walked away…5 minutes later 45 minutes after the park closed the busses started picking up and the bus driver was mad because they were ordered to stay outside the bus pickup area

    1. Eata Deek

      Sounds like Baloney

  9. Rodrigo

    The worst bus service it’s FROM Transportation and ticket center TO Animal Kingdom or Hollywood Studios!

    You have to walk like a mile to reach the bus stop at Polynesian if you want to take the bus to AK or HS.

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