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  1. Sebastian Hale

    No, I’ve never been bitten by a bed bug in any hotel I’ve stayed in, but I hope those bed bug bites don’t happen again, when the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique starts giving princess makeovers again. I want parents with little princesses to have relaxing cuddles in bed after having a wonderful visit to “The Happiest Place On Earth”.

  2. Fair credit

    Interesting and good to know

  3. Romyeaux

    This is something that could only happen in California. Bed bugs are a way of life in Florida hotels, due to the number of South Americans who visit every year. When a room is suspected have bedbugs, Disney has the hotel Cast Members put the room on closed floor and bring in their bedbug sniffing dog. If bedbugs are found, all soft fabrics are taken out, the furniture is moved to the center of the room and a special heater is brought in to kill the bugs. Once the room is declared clear of bugs, the room is returned to open floor. Sometimes a room does not get reported, and guests get bitten, but Disney cleans their clothes as well as a new room.

    1. Haley

      Wow… that was impressively racist.

  4. Favor

    Disgusting,No surprise were those things come from

  5. Elaine Nulf

    Any one
    any ethnicity,
    Any culture can get bed bug
    Ridiculous to try placing blame

    1. Haley


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