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its tough to be a bug

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  1. Aly

    I could have written this Article over 10 years ago! My son was 7 and he was traumatized beyond words! He didn’t know if he should sit down stand or just run!
    It set the pace for our Disney World Vacation trip! He wouldn’t go on anything for fear of more scary situations.
    We still talk about that ride and how we missed out on many other enjoyable rides. A trip of a lifetime, NOT!

    1. Mark L Sheldon

      🤣 sad

    2. Gary

      You should not of written it at all … makes you and your kid sound whimpy and the world needs to conform to your views on things … everybody, a bug’s life is awesome , TAKE YOUR KIDS!

    3. Tvnutt

      Scared the crap out of our 7 year old daughter and me, who is 46. This ride sux. If you think it’s cool to think you’re secretly being stung, sprayed by stink bugs and have giant things fall out from ceiling, seek help from a professional psychiatrist!

  2. Wow my daughter was 2 and a half she wanted to go to Disney World for Halloween dressed as a dalmatian. All she wanted to do was see Cruilla De’Vil. She carried the Disney magazine with her until she got to see her. And this kid was scared of the bugs? Oh and my daughters favorite ride that year was the Haunted Mansion.

  3. EricJ

    Most kids today don’t KNOW what “Traumatizing” is unless they’d been on Snow White’s Scary Adventures back in the day, thinking it’d be as cute as the movie–
    Now that one felt like a mean bait-and-switch prank.

    ITTBAB at least resembles its original movie, so if you’re not sure, try sitting down with “A Bug’s Life” for movie night.
    That’s probably true of most IP-based attractions, assuming the kids haven’t seen the movie yet.

    1. Yes, I remember our first time at that attraction. We heeded the sign “might be scary for young children” a few years but our younger son was still a little startled…. Yet, as another mentioned, this same child had ridden and loved the Haunted Mansion for a few years already. I say wait till your kids are age 6 and up. It’s one of our favorites now.

    2. Chris Wood

      I find it hard to believe with all the scary things kids watch on tv, social media and Disney plus its self, kids would be scary of a ride about a bugs life.

    3. Pat

      My son was 6 and this was his favourite he thought it was hilarious

  4. Thomas

    Traumatized by ‘It’s Tough To Be A Bug’? Really? Seriously, parents need to stop molly-coddling kids and let them be scared, let them experience things that might not be all rainbows and cotton candy. It’s a fun attraction, and as an adult I learnt stuff about bugs I didn’t know from that attraction

    1. Trixie

      AMEN! I was going to say the same thing!

      Stop teaching your kids that EVERYTHING is scary!

      1. Tammy H

        Our daughter was not normally a scaredy-cat. She’d pick up snakes, let daddy-long-legs crawl up her arm, and loved to watch the bees. She was an adventurous kid and is the same as an adult. ITTBAB was too much for her and she was seven! We (adults and kids) don’t always have much of a say over our autonomic systems when it comes to what scares us.

      2. SG

        My kids loved the movie A Bugs Life and took the kids to see the attraction when they were preschool andl all through elementary and they always loved it.
        Our youngest was scared on Pirates of the Caribbean once, so after that we did parent swap until he got over it. He loves to this day

      3. Jeanette

        We just went last month and had our little ones 4 & 6 .come on .traumatized, that is way overboard! I agree stop teaching the kids everything is scary and coddling them so much. There are things that are actually traumatizing and this show is not it. Our little ones enjoyed it.

    2. It has nothing to do with molly-coddling kids. Some kids don’t do well with sensory things and that attraction offers a lot of different sensory things. I agree with the other comment have them watch a bugs life first. There are so many other attractions if you skip out on this no biggie.

      1. YourDad

        And if you confirm there rediculous behavior by coddling them you are reinforcing the behavior, ignoring it and telling them its nothing to be worried about, and on to the next attraction. Stop confirming their behavior, breeders

        1. tvnutt

          Aww, I bet you tell veterans with PTSD to play with fireworks too!

    3. Ann

      Amen! My 3 yo granddaughter loved it and she’s afraid of bugs! It’s all in how parents react.

    4. Nikki

      I have to say this was my FAVORITE attraction! I tell everyone to go! So fun. Maybe you need to watch the movie first.

      1. Tvnutt

        Scared the crap out of our 7 year old daughter and me, who is 46. This ride sux. If you think it’s cool to think you’re secretly being stung, sprayed by stink bugs and have giant things fall out from ceiling, seek help from a professional psychiatrist!

        1. Mark

          How about you just don’t go to Disney? Stay home and hide under the bedstay home and hide under the bed

    5. Steve-O

      Right? That’s why I slap mine while they’re screaming in terror–so they learn life is hard and to be ready for any situation!

  5. Connie

    Granted, there are over-protected children in this world. However, “children” encompasses a span of years. What is frightening at one age is “no big deal!” at another; also, fears vary: my daughter loved snakes from a young age but hated my lizard. With that said, exposure therapy is not at its best in the middle of a crowd during an exciting and already over-stimulated day. Which is why my husband and I bet on how many screaming toddlers will be taken out whenever we sit down for ITTBAB.

  6. J

    Give me a break

  7. Tammy H

    We went when it first opened. Our daughter was 7. Within minutes, I was carrying her out of the theater. She was totally traumatized (and she has always loved bugs). She was clingy the rest of the trip, which was totally unlike her. My husband loved it. He went every trip after while the daughter and I went to count animals on the trunk of the Tree of Life.

    1. YourDad

      She was clingy because you confirmed her behavior, and taking her out of the show confirmed in her mind she would have been hurt. You are the one who traumatized her not the show

    2. YourDad

      She was clingy because you confirmed her behavior, and taking her out of the show confirmed in her mind she would have been hurt. You are the one who traumatized her not the show, you should have ignored it

    3. Mark

      Did you take her on the altar boy experience ride? Where they get assaulted by a pastor? Talk about traumatizing

  8. Dar

    Know your children, read up before you go, and stop projecting on your child if they don’t like it. We’ve done this attraction dozens of times with my kids starting at age 3 and they thought it was hysterical because they knew it was pretend.

    1. Me

      What traumatized the kid was the parent’s response. Seriously, unclench and let your kid explore the emotions. This isn’t real fear and there is no trauma, just be cool and let them communicate with you.

  9. Shirley Evans

    Took my grandchildren on this when they were very young, they were both terrified of spiders before we went and his their faces when the spiders fell down from the ceiling, the first time!! After that they could not wait to go and see it again.
    Know your child, will they be scared or will they react to other people’s reactions.
    If you think they will and anything then don’t take them but don’t spoil it for others!

  10. I first went to WDW when I was just 5 years old. The very first attraction I went on? Tough To Be! To this day, my earliest and most pleasant memories of Disney are from this show. It was this show that convinced me to study insects and become more educated in them.

    If you want to talk trauma, imagine that same child seeing Alien at MK. I’m traumatized from that, for sure.

  11. Matthew

    Its Tough to be a Bug. Come on guys. It will have anyone making noise and scream as there is stuff that comes out all over. The spiders were made to scare you, so anyone will scream. The bugs leaving under the seat are also to get you to jump. The bee sting, etc…. Its not a just sit there and watch show. It gets you moving and in the excitement and reacting. That was the whole point. It does also warn that there may be frightening scenes in the show.

  12. AH

    My son saw it the first time when he was 8. He loved it. Every time he had gone in the 18 years since he always goes back.

  13. wally

    simple dont take your kids to it You are the ones who are taking them there so you should know what they can tolerate Dont deny other peoples kids something they like because your kids cant tolerate

  14. robyn weinbaum

    i took my kids to see ITTBAB many times, from when it opened. my youngest saw it from when she was old enough to remember [she is 21 now, so from when she was 2] none of them were ever traumatized because they all knew it was Make Believe and Special Effects. Parents, teach your kids things are not real, they are pretend and they will be fine!

  15. Mason

    Like parents are going to listen to something one guest says.It doesn’t bug me at all(pun intended)

  16. Mason

    If kids want a nasty bug encounter try finding maggots in a trash can that you are forced to take to the dump because in rural living there are no garbage trucks.

    1. Steve-O

      I mean, on the one hand I don’t disagree with you that the situation you describe sounds horrible, but on the other hand what in the holy hell are you talking about?

  17. Jan

    I took my 5 yo on it and he laughed the entire time and asked if we could go on it again! But I never hid things that were sad from them. Life has sad and scary things in it and to hid them from children is to damage them in their future! When our precious dog died, I told them I didn’t tell them she went out to a farm to live! When the fish died, we buried it and then moved on to talk about these things in the future with happiness that they were in our lives not a sadness of the loss! These feelings help them grow stronger.

  18. pam

    This is so adorable please dont change a thing. loved it and so did my kids.

  19. S

    To the guest and anyone else who cries foul about ITTBAB I have only one thing to say: “What’s wrong McFly? Chicken?!”

  20. My adult children love this show. They can sing you the pollenators song. During covid, they were livid when the show was closed. They weren’t thrilled with the Nemo show being closed either. Myself, I like sitting in air conditioning.

  21. Tracie

    Ok you all. Feat is not rational. I am an adult and this experience terrifies me. I am ok with bugs in general and i know it is not real, but I can’t stand this show. Disney does their best to make things as real as possible, and fhe show is ment to be scary. I have seen it twice. I have two girls who have seen the show when they were about 4 or 5 the first time they saw it. They hated it, as well. I wouldn’t say they were traumatized that is an exaggeration to say. No PTSD going on. We even used to say if you are not good we will take you on ITTBAB. (As a joke and they knew we were joking) They are teens now and my oldest likes it now. I feel it depends on the person or kid. If your kid is reactive skip it. No big deal. No everyone likes those type realistic experiences.

    1. YourDad

      Wait wait wait…. Tbis show… Is as real as possible to you… You had trouble separating giant cartoony bugs from reality… Me thinks you should lay off the acid trips

    2. Ken

      Grow the f up, what is wrong with you? I truly feel sorry for any kids you might have!

  22. Carl Nardei

    The ride is perfectly fine. My children loved it when they were young and still do as adults. I can understand the complaints if the ride being discussed had been Alien Encounter. On that ride, I recall seeing 12-13 year old children exiting the ride crying their eyes out. To be fair, there were warning signs posted at the entrance. Darn shame it was converted into the Stitch Encounter and later closed altogether.

    1. JC

      I remember that ride, I went on it when I was very young and yea just the poster for the ride terrified me, since it showed like hands coming from the headrest grabbing you. I spent the entire ride leaning forward in fear of someone grabbing my neck.

      But now as an adult I think back to it and love the memory.

      1. Kacy

        I did this show when I was 6 and hated it and cried. Came back to Disney World at 14 and remembered it thoroughly – I let my mom go on. Even at 14 years old, I wouldn’t go back on. It isn’t for everyone, and maybe parents who are reading this should warn their little first timers of what to expect and let them make the decision. It might be more enjoyable for children if they know what’s coming so they know it’s fake. It isn’t coddling, it’s preparing your child.

        1. Ken

          You are a pathetic individual, feel sorry for you

  23. MC

    Although I liked the show and thought it was cute, my 6 year old was terrified. He enjoyed most of it, but the roach under our butt at the end caused him to yell and leap from his seat. He cried hysterically and I had to calm him down. He is very fearful of bugs and sent him over the edge.

    1. Sarah

      Yet you took your kid on the ride anyway. Knowing it is afraid of bugs. Did you give him a Xanax for his nerves?

      1. Kacy

        When I was 6, I loved bugs but this ride sent me over the edge. Bugs are small and usually harmless. But to children, they are anything but small or harmless in this show. They can’t differentiate what’s real and what’s not. The best way to handle this situation is to warn them beforehand so it isn’t a surprise. If they choose not to go on, respect that decision and don’t force them to do something that is uncomfortable for them. What isn’t scary to you doesn’t matter. Humans of any age should have their boundaries respected and by letting them choose, you’re actually increasing their independence by giving them the power to speak up for themselves. It will prevent them from giving in to things like peer pressure in the future.

        1. n

          You need to go a pair!

      2. Akuin

        Dude, I have severe Entomophobia and I love a bugs Life. I was pretty good with this show till the bugs under the butt bit. That triggered my entomophobia, and due to my severe anxiety it was extra bad because I could make my legs move to get up. There is nothing wrong with getting one’s fears set off.

      3. Melissa

        It’s hard to know exactly how individual kids are going to react to intense experiences. Even parents can’t predict it with 100% accuracy.
        What upsets me is when kids are crying and screaming in the queue for a ride, begging their parents not to make them go, and the parents drag them on anyway. Way to ruin the experience for all the onlookers. CMs have the authority to not let a party ride in those cases, but by the time they get to the boarding area the damage is already done.

  24. Lord, tell your children to grow a pair

  25. Me

    Parents for many years took children for those haunting pics with Santa or the Easter bunny we grew up fine. We have parent taking kids trick or treating hellooo like Freddy isn’t scarey . BUT we want to say Disney is damaging children… Panzies of the world grow up get a back bone and maybe just maybe teach your children right from wrong .

    1. Kacy

      My parents tried to take me to Santa Claus and I cried, kicked, and screamed. We never went again. I’m 24 and I still don’t like those big, chunky, disproportionate costumes. Experiences like this CAN stick with you and just because it doesn’t affect someone’s day to day life doesn’t matter. Don’t assume every child will just get over it. Respect a person’s boundaries. It’s just a show, it’s not worth it.

      The best way to handle this is to warn the child beforehand and let them make the decision on whether or not they want to go. If they don’t, then let it be. By giving a child the power to speak up for themselves, you are empowering them and preventing them from giving in to things like peer pressure or abuse in the future.

      1. Ken

        Ffs grow up!

  26. Sarah

    Some of you people are truly pathetic. Stop breeding

  27. JC

    I was doing halloween horror nights at my earliest when i was 4 or 5 back in the early 90s and yea I was terrified as a child. However, I grew up fine and not traumatized. If these kids cant handle its a bug life, I feel bad for them as adults.

    1. Kacy

      The entire point of children is that they aren’t adults. Disney is supposed to be a fun vacation, don’t ruin it for them by forcing them to do something that will make them uncomfortable if they choose not to go. Tell them what to expect and let them decide whether or not it is something they might like. You won’t ruin them as adults, but you will certainly tarnish the memory of their vacation. That’s thousands of dollars out the window.

      1. S1

        If you forced them to do something they don’t want to do multiple times, eventually they become desensitized and brainwashed. They become clones of you and you can make them in your image. Disney would be better off its whole fanbase was a bunch of mindless clones with the same taste in everything.

  28. Ken

    What utter rubbish, media scaremongering…does it never stop!

  29. Ashley

    There are actual warnings signs on each “scary” or bumpy ride, before you enter the line AND the ride.
    You have the option to leave, or better yet, not go on at all.

    If you feel your child will be “traumatized” by a ride, maybe do your damn research or just read the sign.

    1. Melissa

      That’s literally what the article is saying.

  30. Mickeymouse3

    Maybe some PARENTS should read what the attraction is before taking their child(ren) on the attraction. My kids thought ITTBAB was fun. We prefaced many attractions with the phrase, “Some things in here may scare you, but nothing will hurt you.” We also downplayed the scary stuff so they would see it can be fun.
    My only hope is Disney doesn’t listen to the 3 percenters and start changing things the majority enjoy.

  31. Mike j

    As a veteran with ptsd why would you mention that how rude how does this have anything to do with children being “scared why are you commenting about veterans are you a veteran

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