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Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind with Spaceship Earth in the background at EPCOT

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  1. Tom Krausse

    They won’t move, but I doubt Florida will see much development (outside already started projects) until the situation is resolved and they have a non-hostile government to work with. Stuff like gate 5 is off the table for the foreseeable future

    1. Victor Nazarian

      The government was not hostile. The state government reacted to Disney management’s public declaration of hostilities against a legitimate legislative act.

      There was never any need for Disney management to risk profitable business circumstances to engage in political zealotry. There was no profit in it and all Americans should want mega-corporations to stay out of politics anyway.

      Now the state government has taken away one of the most valuable assets Disney had, their self government tax shield. Now the county can tax the hell out of Disney’s ‘municipal’ assets.

      1. Jordan

        When the governor targets one company in retaliation for what was said by the company, that is considered hostile. It would be one thing if he was to go after everyone the same, but he’s going after just Disney’s benefits and doing it at the cost of the people living there just to get revenge because he doesn’t like that they spoke out against him. This will backfire against him and he will have no one to blame but himself for letting his personal feeling get in the way of what is right.

        1. Zanzi

          I’d normally agree. And a government targeting private companies, hurting them or helping them is a something true Conservatives are against. There is a difference in this case. Nowadays, the limited benefits given to to a business to move to an area have time windows on them (often PILOT – payment in lieu of taxes program). In the 50s/60s, Disney got such a sweetheart deal that it’s benefit had no time-expiration. The action against the six self-governing districts in FL (including Reedy Creek) simply removes the unfair advantages offered 60-70 years ago that would never be offered today.

          1. Guest

            I agree with Tom, new projects will be put on hold or shelved. Disney will weigh its options to look to Eastern blue states to start some new kind of theme park. Then they’ll let the Florida assets deteriorate and downsize over the next 20 years, then abandon the whole thing. Don’t think this can’t happen. Disney already has long abandoned assets in Florida and there are hundreds of abandoned amusement parks throughout the US. I suspect all corporations are quietly making plans to get out of states that want to send our civil rights back to the stone age. The only growth industries in these Red states will be prisons to house the millions of citizens who don’t belong to the Master Race.

        2. AL

          No, the governor is making an example of Disney because they tried to use their money and power to influence the state legislature, which should never happen.

          1. Rusty Writer

            AL, you don’t seem to realize we have this thing called “The First Amendment” which gives every citizen and every private company the right to speak out to the legislature. That is called freedom of speech. If we don’t protect that, we won’t have a free country.

      2. Rusty Writer

        The only thing “wrong” Disney did was to criticize one law that was cruel to a certain minority group. DeSantis then used the power of the government to try to punish them and possibly move them out of his state. Every American should be up in arms about this. We don’t want individual politicians of either party to have the ability to use tax policies and the levers of government to punish citizens or private corporations for exercising their First Amendment rights to speak.

  2. Mrs. Bonanzo

    WDW is expensive but I’m not sure they are underperforming. There’s more now than ever in the parks and that will continue increasing as the last <5% of pandemic and worker shortage related stuff returns, Guardians opens and Epcot completes more of it’s overhaul, Tron opens, etc. It’s weird when I hear people saying the old parks were sooooo much better. They are suffering nostalgic bias imo. Look at old park pictures and there’s alot of low quality and generic stuff. The parks today have a better variety and amount of experiences, and they quality definitely hasn’t diminished.

    Not everything is perfect and some questionable decisions were made but I can’t agree the parks offer less than yesteryear.

  3. Boy haircut lol

    Are you serious? You really think it’s reasonable to feel Desantis should forcably change a company to fit his ideas. That is not America; that is not freedom. He does not have the right nevermind the capability to ‘improve’ Disney.

    1. AL

      DeSantis isn’t forcing anything. Corporations should not ever be using their money or power to have influence over politics. Laws passed should be based on what constituents want. End of story.

      1. DbB

        Tell that to the politicians accepting 100’s of thousands of dollars in “campaign contributions” from corporations!

  4. stephen

    Anyone saying that Disney was /ever/ going to leave Florida are simply delusional. There is decades and decades of above and underground development in Orlando. What executive would ever say “Oh sure, let’s just abandon billions of dollars worth of investments here and start over somewhere new.”

  5. AL

    Can you please stop pushing the narrative around the bill and call it by its name? Parental Rights in Education. It doesn’t say anything about saying gay.

  6. Maker, EdD

    Time to recall hatred and racism. Surely Florida people don’t want satantic people leading their state.

    1. Not a sheep

      That’s why we’re Republican now.

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