Comments for Florida’s Proposed ‘Constitutional Carry’ Gun Law Bill Could Impact Disney World

Cinderella Castle at Magic Kingdom

Credit: Disney


  1. Karl Joseph Eichholtz

    No deadly weapons of any kind at any parks. Don’t even bring samurai weaponry into Magic Kingdom.

  2. Harry

    Stirring the pot.

    Wdw as a private business already bans guns and constitutional carry wouldnt affect that.

  3. Jenny

    There is no need to carry in the parks because it’s a controlled environment. I appreciate the serenity of the environment which is trying to be produced. Disney Springs is a different story. It’s an open retail market open to any patron and should be respectful of concealed carry or the proposed Constitutional Carry Bill if signed into law.

    1. Nathan Jones

      Isn’t Disney Springs a controlled environment as well? They have security and search you and your belongings before coming in. No different than getting into one of their theme parks.

    2. Kevin

      This article fails to mention that 25 states currently have constitutional carry.

  4. jeff

    Hello ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls,
    As mentioned above:
    Controlled environment\privately owned business will post signs saying no weapons. This applies equally to permit holders or constitutional carry. No radical changes anywhere just because of constitutional carry. If you do not like that a business prohibits you to bring your weapon (legally in possession of ) then you take your business elsewhere. Pretty simple how it works.

    1. Lionfan

      You’re not allowed to say “ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls” anymore…

      1. Paul T

        Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls is as it should be and I will always

        1. S1

          And it will be again in the not too distant future because Disney will be overthrown by new management who are unwoke. Nobody was hurt by “Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls” but hundreds of millions are hurt that it was removed. If bringing it back causes some to feel excluded and unwelcome, so be it.

      2. Mickeymouse3

        Never did understand why Disney made the change. Regardless of what a person “identifies” as, they are still one of the two. If you’re a boy who identifies as a girl, then you’re a girl and vice-versa. Stupid is, as stupid does and Disney has won the trophy.

    2. Jim

      I am a gun owner, on that note if people were allowed to carry firearms in Disney I would stop going. Just look at the fights that break out. More guns out in Public /Private areas is just plain stupid. If you are that scared that you need to carry a gun everywhere you go stay home and hide .

  5. Rooftop Voter

    If it did pass and you could pack in DW, think of all those dancing and singing dolls that everyone could take out in It’s A Small World.

    1. Mason

      Too bad that is considered vandalism and firearms still won’t be allowed at Disney World parks if or when it gets passed.

  6. Joe Biden

    I would feel safer if more law abiding citizens would have concealed weapons
    Bad guys have them and somehow always manage to get them pst security
    Would be nice to even the playing field

    1. EricJ

      Yes, the Right’s “Ralphie’s BB Rifle Fantasy”, within minutes after every tragic mass shooting:
      “If I had MY conceal-carry Red Ryder gun with the compass in the stock, I could have saved everyone! And then those mean crazy mass shooters would all be lying around with X’s over their eyes!”

    2. vera

      where are all the good guys with guns? there were 19 armed policemen in Texas school shooting and 19 kids were killed

      1. Nicki

        Stayed outside you and your let’s abolish the police, has made them afraid to do anything because you’ll cry foul and then blame the cop’s.

        1. Jill E. Bean

          Uh huh 🙄

  7. MgM

    All businesses in Florida have the right to refuse service, no excuses needed.
    That will not change even with Permit-less carry.

  8. Sue

    Disney would never let that happen and you shouldn’t be able to have a fun at Disney. Bc bc you pass a background check and have a permit to carry doesn’t mean you should. Put some alcohol in someone and let’s see. Ladies and gentlemen and boys and girls sorry . I have a permit and the right to carry but I sure would not bring a gun to Disney.

  9. Anonymous

    What has the world come to? Im not sure if im reading this correctly but what im getting from this is basically florida wants people to have a gun regardless of if they are mentally capable or stable enough to have one. Correct me if im wrong but this law just seems completely idiotic. It shouldn’t be a right, but a privelege. if you are mentally ill you should not have access to a weapon that could be used to harm you or others. Just watch. This is gonna wcrew florida over. and exactly why america has more gun violence than canada or japan. If your supposed to be the greatest country then you shouldnt be third in then least amount of gun violence.

    1. Jarvis

      So the constitution is idiotic to you?

      1. Freedom Fighter

        The Constitution provides for a “well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State”

        Seems most people conveniently forget this. Regulation is built into the Second Amendment. If you think everyone deserves to have a gun regardless of mental capacity or training to properly handle it, then that is idiotic and unconstitutional.

  10. Price

    The only ones who should be able to carry firearms anywhere including Theme Parks, Schools, Concerts Venues, or any other place the public masses are Active or Retired Police Officers. Not just normal everyday citizens. If you had more Police Officers allowed to carry their firearms at venues that forbid firearms, it would be another layer of protection for the citizens.

    1. Jarvis

      The George Floyd hysteria was a black democrat attempt to steal an election, shake down corporations for millions, and let felons out of prisons.

      1. Jill E. Bean

        That’s absolutely ridiculous.

  11. SomeMumblingBum

    Why go to a venue that makes you fear for your life and have to bring guns or knives with you?
    What have you done to anger people?

  12. Mickeymouse3

    Many states have laws that prohibit carrying a firearm into establishments that serve alcohol. Disney serves alcohol so it may not be an issue to begin with.
    How about everyone loosens their wadded underwear and wait for the final draft/bill.

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