Comments for Disney’s “Broken” Top-Tier Attraction Leaves Guests Feeling Ill

Flight of Passage

Credit: Disney


  1. Larry Lewis

    Oh wow, It was my first time riding it so I thought it was supposed to be like that. I noticed it in December when I went. It was still a great ride.

  2. Brenda

    Omg when are people going to stop complaining. I loved the ride. It was amazing. I waited over two hours and will do it again. If you don’t like it then don’t go again. Grow up people.

    1. Mo

      The issue comes when people pay for it or wait hours for something that’s supposed to be a great and flawless experience and instead you get virtually no experience or a bad experience. Your comment shows how ridiculous and immature you are.

      1. Nick

        Well, then don’t pay for it, wait on line and take your chances.
        Nothing is perfect, you can find people who’ll complain about every single attraction in every theme park in the world.
        People should put the same effort into having a good time and maybe they’ll have a good time.

        1. TjValion

          If it bothers you, don’t ride it. I’ve ridden it AT LEAST twenty times with no issues.

    2. Phillip

      Correct, I have “epilepsy” and I check the web to try to get details of rides that might trigger a seizure before I ride. Do the same before you waste your time in line!!!!!!!

  3. John

    It’s likely that the 3D glasses are wearing out. They get washed after each use, and over time that degrades the filter material. Without the filter material, the image meant for the right eye will bleed over to the left eye, and so on. This results in a double image as if you weren’t wearing glasses at all. Since you get different glasses each time you ride, you may have a different level of quality each time. The solution is to replace the worn out glasses with new ones.

    1. Andrew

      The issue started right after they re opened from the covid shut down the industrial cleaner they used has seemed to destroy the glasses. I hope they replace them soon the best chance for a blur free experience I have found is wear them slightly down your nose and just look straight forward looking off center causes more blur.

  4. AH

    Back over Thanksgiving and the week after last year we rode it 6 times in the 2 days we were at AK. No problems any time.

  5. Lisa

    It’s the 3D glasses wearing out. Disney needs to replace them. Same thing happened with the 3D glasses for Captain EO years ago.

  6. Donovan Hammer

    I have ridden the Flight of Passage ride many times, but this last week my ride experience was exactly as others have described – blurry and double vision.

    My guess was as others have also guessed is that the 3-D glasses are degrading substantially.

    It’s sad that Disney allows the experience to be so poorly diminished when people pay money or wait in a long stand-by line.

  7. Mr White

    If you have motion sickness, you know there not rides you can’t do…

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