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  1. Scott Lee-Ross

    There is nothing in either this story or in the news story that was source to indicate there was a dangerous stranger tracking them. Adding in the fact that the tracker still showed them in the parking lot indicates it was probably not some nefarious plot.

    1. Victor Nazarian

      Indeed, what information shows this was anything but a mistake that was possibly harmless? Invasion of privacy and tracking of many sorts is bad but it happens every day. I wonder how that family would have reacted if they found out that Chinese operatives were tracking their location using the Facebook or Tik Tok apps on one of their phones?

  2. Charles Vitale

    Wow, talk about over dramatizing a story. You don’t know that it was a dangerous stranger. It could have been a kid the parents put an air tag in their shoe and they tossed it. Could have been someone that was in a shop next to them and was going through their purse and it popped out and into their bag.

    And at least Apple gives you a warning on Apple devices that a unknown tag is nearby. Tile, and a handful of others have no such notification features. You never would know they were attached to you.

  3. Gary

    Story seems overly dramatic. If someone had been tracking my family, I would have 1) notified the police and 2) told the tracker to “bring it on”.

    1. Ron

      Macho clown stuff always deters crimes! lol

  4. Kara

    I had this same exact warning pop up on my IPhone at Magic Kingdom last night and I said to my husband “that’s weird!” We chalked it up to there being so many people with phones and maybe just a weird technical fluke. I never thought I was in danger. Spoiler alert, I’m still alive. ::shrugs::

  5. Again another BS story. Too bad you don’t know how to fact check. You guys for the most part draw over dramatize everything. You do realize you can actually write good articles like you used to. You say you just want everyone to know everything,but you provide inaccurate information over dramatized and worse yet And you want to book Disney vacations. Thanks for the worthless information, If I can be honest I would never book any kind of vacation from you.

  6. My Opinion

    Happy to see that I’m not the only one who thought the title was a bit presumptuous. While the potential for it to have turned out badly, the idea that a journalist would determine that it was a “dangerous stranger” is horrible. Unbelievable!

  7. Bodro

    What is an AirTag? How would anyone know we are being traced if we don’t have the new Apple phone?

  8. Jerrold Llewellyn

    I don’t any longer participate in anything Disney as it’s apparent those running it now are mostly liberal gay or other Devil only knows creatures that want to corrupt our Children’s brains with deviance non-compliant with normal standards of morality and conduct… They’re corrupting our kids with “Disney”……..

  9. Mike Rally

    These people involved in the supposed tracking seem way too willing to go on camera for the news and are acting all smiley and nodding as if nothing happened. If they were scared or felt like they had their privacy violated the last thing they would do is put themselves all over the media. I would not be in any way surprised if they just made it up to get attention on TV. Especially after there was just big news about Apple Airtags before this supposedly happened. Lastly, the title of this article is ridiculous. Dangerous stranger, yeah right.

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