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Family of Guests at Walt Disney World Resort

Credit: Disney


  1. Many people have lived this story. My Disney vacation was cancelled twice due to the fact that Disney could not tell us when they were going to open again post covid closure. None of us had covid, and no one we knew had covid. People from the UK are more fortunate than Americans. Their money is worth more and their Disney vacation can be two weeks. Can you imagine being able to take your time and actually enjoy being at the park?

    1. B Gibbon

      Its also very expensive as we have to pay for the flights to get to US. A disney holiday for most Brits is every 2 or 3 years in order to save up. We cant just go for a short break.

  2. Jeff

    I feel so bad for this family, but it is becoming more frequent. Covid cancelled our trip twice. We originally booked for 2020. Then again in 2021. Still didn’t feel confdent enough to bring the family. We just went the week before Easter and just want to let you know that we will not be going back for many many years, even though we are DVC members at BLT, Poly, and BWV. The Park Reservation system is HORRIBLE. Everyone who can park hop can do so after 2pm. For us, there is nothing spontaneous on the vacation. We had AK reservations. Decided to sleep in and hit the BLT pool. We asked the front desk if they could check us in at DAK or change our reservation to EPCOT. NOPE. We had to drive to DAK, park a mile away, walk in and then walk out, walk the mile back to our car and drive to EPCOT where we had to walk yet another mile to the front gate from our parking to make our dinner reservation. Such a waste of time. If we were going after 2pm, you should automatically be able to go anywhere. But no. The powers that be are ruining the Disney World experience.

  3. Karl Joseph Eichholtz

    This is an outrage. I want the normal-normal Disney World back.

    I can still meditate in the standby lines.

    1. DogMaTX

      What are you outraged about, exactly? This has nothing to do with Disney. They can’t travel to the U.S. (or pretty much any other country) if they’ve tested positive for COVID.

  4. Bluh

    I just cant stand the people that write this crap — drawn out BS before they get to the actual story they are writing about and it happens with every single article — BLUH BLUH BLUH BLUH BLUH

    1. Cindy

      It’s my understanding that the 2pm hopper pass isn’t even granted If park you want to hop to is full

    2. DogMaTX

      Yep. And SO overwritten. Everything is a crisis.

  5. Jeanetta

    I’ve had my tickets to each of the 4 parks (4 people, 4 tickets each) for 10 months. We were planning to visit Florida for 2 weeks back in October. But my mother got sick. She was hospitalized with an incurable illness. Her doctor wrote a note saying she can’t travel and asking Disney to refund her money.Due to policy, there’s no way to transfer our tickets or get refunds. The other 3 of us have no desire to go without my mom. But we are being forced to either go or lose the money. Upwards of $2000. I’m disgusted with Disney and their policies and after this fiasco I will never give them another cent.

    1. Jamie

      Sorry to hear about that. I agree with you. I lost money on a cruise we couldn’t take because of Covid restrictions way back in Dec 2020. They kept 25% of our money to book for the future & they jacked the prices up. We refused & lost our money. They are way too greedy now.

      1. Susan Francis

        Was planning to go to Disney this year luckily had not booked when lock down started but my son who is autistic is very disappointed, but I think at the moment with having to do reservations I think it to stressful if some think goes wrong so here’s hoping one day it goes back to normal and we can all enjoy Disney as it used to be and on another note please Disney bring back Disney stores in the UK we miss them

  6. Deceiver

    This family get paid to lie

    1. Many are paid. Notice all the articles on Disney lately? They’re probably hiding comments from the majority of parents who won’t ever support Disney- unless they start catering to children and families again, instead of a tiny part of the population who screams the loudest. Their political opinions aren’t conducive to the family friendly entertainment they once provided. The numerous articles about how wonderful Disney is, are trying to pretend their political stance hasn’t affected their profits. It has, greatly, look at their stocks plunging. Disney will continue to lose money because it’s no longer a family must-see destination. It’s being quietly blacklisted by most families in America.

      1. Ronny Dictator

        Disney will be just fine and the political theater in Florida by a dictator governor is the problem. Also learn about the stock market before making uneducated comments. Thanks. Our Disney trip is in 2 weeks. So excited.

  7. RoC

    Fun fact: you can fly to the UK without needing a covid test prior to flight if “fully vaxed”, but you need to have a covid test no more than 1 day before flying into the US. It is frustrating that as a US citizen, my country says “trust the science”, but they don’t. The tests are not 100% accurate and the anxiety waiting for the results is immense. It makes no sense to be on a plane where everyone has been tested negative, yet everyone one still has to wear the mask, except for meal and snack service. The US needs to stop this BS with pre flight tests.

    1. ChasUGC

      The reason is because someone can have it and be asymptommatic. Yes, please understand the science before making such comments.

      1. Is an asymptomatic person infectious? Don’t guess, use your science sleuthing skills and find documented cases. Has there been significant changes in the population over the past two years? How many documented reinfected patients have transmitted COVID?
        Science would be trying to answer these questions. Leadership is gathering the best info and making decisions. I applaud the UK’s leadership to end pointless restrictions.

      2. RoC

        Does covid take a break during meal service? Just curious because for 45 minutes or so, the entire plane load is unmasked and people are still breathing. I believe the “science” says you need to constantly exposed for 10-15 minutes to be infected.

        1. Matt

          It’s very unlikely you would get covid on an airplane unless someone is sneezing and coughing on you. Airplane air is recycled was too frequently. If you’re sick enough to be sneezing and coughing, they should throw you out of the plane mid flight for being a crappy human.

          1. RoC

            I have sinus issues that result in my having to cough from time to time, it is not contagious, butbthe frightened people like you would have me burned at the stake. People sneeze because their sinuses get tickled, it is a natural reaction, just like farting. Please do not travel if you are afraid of someones sneeze or cough.

  8. ChasUGC

    The problem isn’t Disney’s fault. They are just trying to help protect people. The problem is that most people just aren’t taking this pandemic serious. Then, if they are the unlucky ones, they die. You really have to protect yourself from those type of people, and those of people are the ones, who blame Disney, and who will not get vaccinated, and will not wear a mask and by not doing so, spread the disease to these families. I have four Covid shots, and I haven’t had Covid. Why would I want it? Why would I want to get sick, by the flu or something worse like Covid? I’m not stupid, are you?

    1. Jill E. Bean

      Spot on.

  9. Mark

    Look into travel insurance. It might help if you go again.

  10. Matt

    They made it sound like something horrible happened or they were banned. It’s really not that big a deal. Airlines are still pretty reasonable with changing flights or issuing credits for future flights, hotels are still fine, as is Disney. Discuss the issue with your employer and work out when you can reschedule your vacation time. This is an inconvenience at worst, not a tragedy like it was proposed.

  11. Rod Simonson

    Yeah, I just got back to Michigan from a week in Orlando. As a passholder, not staying on property, I could only make 5 park reservations ahead of time. Once down there, after using our first two reservation days, no more park reservations were available. As a 10 year passholder, I have never faced an inability to get into a park until last week. Great progress…???

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