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Magic Kingdom crowds in front of Cinderella Castle on Happily Ever After finale night

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  1. Victor Nazarian

    One thing I’ve done to keep costs under control is to team up with other individuals and families to share hotel, suite & cabin space at Disney. I have also done more driving trips instead of flying which even with insane gas prices & parking fees can be much, much cheaper than flying a family.

    One other savings, make friends with military personnel. Buying tix on base is usually a little cheaper even for tix that are not the ‘special’ military tickets. Also, show your travel agent as much love and respect as you appropriately can. They often have extra knowledge and can go an extra mile for you.

  2. John

    Yes disney is expensive but that’s why you budget ahead of time. Also I’d need more details to have any sort of empathy here for the family.

  3. GARY


    1. joenywf64

      Nope – the ’64-65 NY World’s fair was THE best – it had Carousel of Progress(called GE Progressland with additional FUSION power show upstairs & roof changing lights), Pepsi’s It’s a Small World, Animatronic President Lincoln, etc. 1ST! & Walt Disney also did the Ford Pavillion ride.
      $2 to get in – $1 for small kids! Adjust that to today’s inflation & any orlando theme park is way way WAY more money!
      Watch these youtube fair videos – in this order …
      1. To the Fair (1964) – the version that is in color
      2. RARE 8mm film footage of the General Motors Futurama
      from the New York World’s Fair 1964-65
      3. ’64-65 NY World’s Fair FUTURAMA Ride Video
      4. 1964-65 NY Worlds Fair – 2015 New Year’s Montage
      5. The 1964-1965 New York World’s Fair Remembered

  4. G

    Our family of four went to WDW Sept 2009. Both the kids were still kid pricing, and there was free dining plan. We stayed at Pop Century. We had 4 days at the parks, plus Universal parks for 2 days. We also did the Halloween party. Including airfare, that trip cost us $3500 total for everything.

    Fast forward to Sept 2021 (the next time we were able to go). My husband and son didn’t want to come. So it was a mother/daughter trip. My daughter was now adult pricing though. But still, there were two adults two kids last time, and just two adults this time. No free dining promotion, so we paid for meals, only eating at three sit down restaurants (one was Be Our Guest though, which is pricey). We never ate breakfast, only lunch and dinner (mostly at the resort food court). We went to the parks 5 days instead of 4 and did a water park. But, we didn’t do Universal this time. We did the Halloween party again, but it was boo to you, not Mickeys not so scary. Stayed at Pop Century again. It was $3800.

    Worth noting that neither trip we bought souvenirs. In 2009, hotel was $99 a night. In 2021 it was $152 a night. I just booked Pop Century for this September and in just one year it’s now $200 a night. For the same month, same type of room. Be our guest was $170 for the two of us after tip and tax.

  5. elizabeth inman

    I’ve been going to Disney for 47 years! These recent changes(genie +) and whatever the problem is that keeps you from going on most of the rides, has made me call it quits with my pass. I went with a family using genie+. What a nightmare! All you see are people with there heads in their phones. God forbid your phone should die! (Oh but you can buy a charger for 20+dollars)
    You can barely stroll and take in all of the magic! Rushing to get to EVERY ride and trying to sync so you can ride with your friends!! Just Pathetic!

    1. stephen

      Disney has designed things so that you have no choice but to use your smartphone to coordinate things. But with services like mobile ordering available you can bet that I will absolutely take advantage of some downtime while waiting for a ride to order our meals. To do otherwise is kind of silly and a waste of time.

      As for this: but you can buy a charger for 20+dollars)

      You can get a portable battery pack that is three times the size for $20 off amazon instead.

  6. Tennessee

    Wow, that is the price to go to college.

  7. Tennessee

    Wow. That is the price one pays to go to college.

    1. Judge Smails

      …the world needs ditch diggers too…

  8. Denise

    Why is it people will pay the price no matter what the cost? Look how crowded it is. Memorial day weekend its sold out..the prices will continue as long as people keep going…

    1. This!
      My family stopped going. Unfortunately, many others are willing to put up with all the ridiculous changes. Just another theme park now. Nothing sets them apart!

  9. SayNoToMickey

    The magic is gone. I have made eight trips to WDW in ’77, ’83, ’93, ’98, ’02, ’06, ’11, and ’14 but no more. We always stayed on site and had meal plans with park hopper. We so enjoyed the magic. But now the magic is replaced with lines, park reservation, paid Genie-, no meal plan, parking fees and politics. Good bye Disney

  10. Kylie

    I live in Florida and there are much better quality vacations one can make. People typically want to avoid all political merry-go-rounding when they are on vacation. Dismey just keeps pushing agendas and politics. When I go on trips here in Florida I don’t get that anywhere else. Disney was fun until all the changes started coming. I haven’t been since 2018 and will not go back. My vacation is for me to relax and het sway grom all the madness of daily life, not jump in with both feet into debt and ne choking on political ideologies. Not my idea of fun and relaxing at all. But others just can’t get enough drama and conflict so they enjoy it. And thats is good because it keeps them tjere while the rest of us can enjoy our wonderful relaxing vacations elsewhere and leave the CNN programmed weak-minded to their drama filled political rage parks.

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