Comments for Cinderella Castle Vanishes, Tomorrowland Floods as Extreme Weather Hits Disney World

Various locations in Magic Kingdom flooded

Credit: Disney Parks Live (@disneyparksdiy)


  1. They do lack proper drainage. Been there done that at Animal Kingdom. I got an infected blood blister under the skin on the bottom of my foot from walking in ankle deep water in Animal Kingdom. The last 2 days of the trip felt like walking on razor blades. I had to take antibiotics to get rid of it. The podiatrist said it was from moisture (I was wearing sandals). Take good care of your feet folks.

    1. Michael Park

      As a Florida resident i welcome the rain to cool off from the unbearable heat.

    2. Glad to follow you Royce love your content. Mizshell

  2. Bob

    Another slow news day in Florida.

  3. Judy

    We’ve been to Disney in dry weather, wet weather, heat of the summer and cold of the winter. It’s an outdoor park. You plan accordingly and adapt when you need to. Disney does not control the weather so you’ve got to be able to be flexible.

    1. Will R.

      Acknowledgment to Judy comments…. ⤵️
      Very well said extremely well said….
      Like any weather condition if there’s an extraordinary amount of rain that is being dumped no matter where you are the drainage will not be good you can only take so much water until it starts to flood and then recede eventually anybody who knows anything about whether in Florida would notice you have correctly noticed it and your comment is spot on …..

      1. Will R

        Spell check **

  4. Deb

    Oh how I actually miss walking in ankle deep warm rain at Disney world 🙂

  5. Dean

    Doesn’t even say what day this was. The TikTok video could have been recorded last summer for all we know.

    I’m in Orlando, there was no heavy rain on May 4th.

    1. Kevin

      This was probably from March and this site already reported on it then. Must be a slow news day and they have nothing better to do.

    2. sam

      considering some tiktok videos are the same material you can see on YT that was recorded over 10 years ago (which is then shared on this site as new content), there’s no telling when this was.

      someone here must have stock in the Chinese govt.

  6. Kimberly

    Anyone from Orlando or central Florida knows this is just a spring/summer downpour. I grew up with them. It’ll pour for 20-40 minutes then the sun will be back out. Floridians love this weather. The parks clear out and we get them to ourselves. Bring on the thunderstorms!

  7. Kevin

    It rains?!?!?!?! In Florida?!?!?!?! In the spring/summer months?!?!?!?! Shocking!!!! My mind is blown. This report broke the internet

    1. Will R

      I love your comment I mean it ….it’s funny…
      Mostly the common sections of certain stories are the best part of the whole thing I usually don’t comment because I don’t need to I just chuckle when I read some of the responses… And there right when some of these come and said when did this rain actually happen on what day and what time is no way to know when this supposedly took place… Unlike the consensus is it must be a slow News day..

      1. Will R

        Please excuse any of the typographical errors obviously you cannot edit or correct your paragraph you have to write another comment ***
        We all know that you could say one word when you audio text and obviously another word will show up…

  8. Mason

    It isn’t rain it is the tears of Walt Disney.

    1. A. Campbell


    2. Ms


    3. Brenna


  9. Phil

    Ahh yes Florida’s rainy season. Not a fun time for a Disney World trip.


    I agree Mason;
    Walt’s Tears.


    I think it’s childish and RUDE when people post things like, {must be a slow day.} Those people took precious time out of their day to post their negative thoughts. Imagine if more people posted positive things. YOU PEOPLE are in charge of yourselves; I was taught if you didn’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all.

    1. Then you shouldn’t of replied!
      Sounds like you didn’t get wet

    2. Luz Nieves

      I took my granddaughter to Disney and it was in the month of July! Spent thousands of dollars! Would never visit there again! Disney would have to PAY ME to. Is it there again! Extreme heat over 105 degrees daily! Five dollar water bottles. Outdated resort, and much more! Save your money for something of greater value!

      1. Kevin

        You know you can bring your own water into the parks (and refill them for free all day)? So paying $5 a bottle is all on you.

  12. Linda Sinchak

    I don’t mind the rain. That’s what ponchos are for! I sure wish I was at Disney now.

  13. Ed

    Between this and DiSantis it sounds like a good time for Disney World to leave Florida.

    1. Kevin

      Keep dreaming, Ed. That’s never going to happen due to a ton of logistical/economic reasons.

    2. Don’t hold your breath . What he did was illegal . There will be a court case . Hopefully desatan will be gone !

      1. John

        Ha ha. “Illegal.” Right. I hope you’re not going into anything resembling law.

        Desantis simply made Disney be a company like any other, having to adhere to local and state laws AND pay their share of taxes, which they’d avoided for 50 years.

        Now, next Linda caraway ‘fact’: men can get pregnant! (No, you really can’t fix stupid.)

        1. Ant

          Except it’s a giant tax break for Disney and a burden for the locals. Moron.

        2. A. Campbell

          Absolutely correct. John! And Linda, don’t quite your “day job”, as obviously you are no lawyer!

      2. A. Campbell

        Illegal?? NOT! Obviously you DON’T actually know the law Linda!! And I hate to break it to you, but the majority of Floridian’s, Love DeSantis!

        1. Terra

          Uhh no we don’t. 🤷‍♀️

          1. Kevin

            Uhh Guess you aren’t in the majority then.

      3. Kevin

        “Illegal” “desatan” LMAO! Did you think up those gems all on your own, Linda or did the rest of your vacuous Libby sewing circle help you out? You probably don’t even live in FL and are just aping CNN.

  14. Okay

    Mother Nature’s way of telling us to slow down. Pop a seat and watch idiots run from rainwater
    We got hit hard in March but I grew up in Florida. Don’t like the weather? Wait 15 minutes

  15. Jackie

    My family and I went the last week of September and it did not rain one drop! We were actually disappointed, some of our best memories are playing in the rain and splashing through the puddles. AND we didn’t get to add a poncho to our collection 😁!

  16. Karinasherella

    Cinderella castle did not vanish. There are only untalent people who dont know how to gather things . I can multitask . So stop spreading the false allegations when the weather becames a she. The storms are gone since a few years .

  17. Chris

    Recycled article, apparently. There’s been no heavy rain around Orlando for weeks.

  18. KD

    We were there the first week of April with my daughters High School Marching band and it started raining at 11:30am and didn’t stop until the next day. What was wrong was the way Disney handled the situation. Our kids were left out in the storms for hours, unable to get to our buses & trailer like they were supposed to be able to. All because Disney was under some code and they don’t even answer the phone when this happens. Then after a few hours they finally made contact to say the parade was canceled, yet the rain did stop for a while and they had the “Rainy Day Parade”, with floats and characters, yet we traveled hundreds of miles, paying thousands of dollars for what! Most magical place on earth my @$$!!! Thank goodness we had Universal to save the rest of our trip for us!

    1. Dawn

      Disney doesn’t control the weather and they stick to a schedule. If the rain stopped during the scheduled time slot for their parade then they were able to run their parade. Same goes for if it had not been raining during the allotted time for the kids band to play, they would have played….

  19. Matt

    I dont know when this happened but I can say I did not the first week of May, and I was at tye Park may 4th and clear as Day.

  20. P.dot

    I hope those groomers completely vanish and get out of our State!

  21. Susie-Q

    We were at DW one year during the rainy afternoons season. Coming from Washington State, it didn’t faze us or the kids. When it was heavy, we just step inside somewhere, drizzling… we stepped out. We’re of the drizzlers with webbed feet people.

  22. It’s rain!!! what’s the big deal?it’s actually fun in the park when you get a downpour. pain in the ass yes ,but it’s fun!

  23. Karen Mathesius

    When did it rain? I missed it!!

  24. TX 1ST Timer

    This happened Monday May 1 at around 5 pm. We were there! Heavy rain was not forecasted. It poured and had strong winds just like the pictures show for about 40 minutes and then cleared. We were worried the fireworks would be canceled but were told they never do – the show must go on!

  25. Mario

    Looks like the work of VoldeSantis

  26. Luz Nieves

    I took my granddaughter to Disney and it was in the month of July! Spent thousands of dollars! Would never visit there again! Disney would have to PAY ME to. Is it there again! Extreme heat over 105 degrees daily! Five dollar water bottles. Outdated resort, and much more! Save your money for something of greater value!

    1. Dawn

      Didn’t you post this exact thing on another page? It’s Florida, hot and summer go hand in hand…. as does humidity. Extreme heat at 105?!?! That’s not extreme, that’s normal. As for $5 water… take your own bottle and refill it with FREE water.

  27. Glad to follow you Royce love your content. Mizshell

  28. Jean

    Rained in March and MK shut down. It was down pouring and the wind was horrible. We had to take shelter and we’re told the park was closed. Sun came out after an hour. It’s magical

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