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Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange in 'Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness'

Credit: Marvel Studios


  1. Pocho Villa

    I didn’t believe it when influencers said Marvel Studios is turning the Avengers into the M-She-U. Now with Cumberbatch going on hiatus he will be replaced by America Chavez I didn’t watch Dr. Strange 1 because of the racist and sexist swap of the Ancient One but it was the beginning of some of the racist/sexist and less-known swaps of the MCU Avengers.

    1. Iron Man > Iron Heart

    2. Captain America (Rogers) > Captain America (Wilson)

    3. Hulk > She-Hulk

    4. Hawkeye (Barton) > Hawkeye (Bishop)

    5. Thor (Son of Odin) > Mighty Thor (Jane Foster)

    6. Black Widow (Romanoff) > Black Widow (Belova)

    7. Sorcerer Supreme (Strange) > Sorcerer Supreme (current Wong, future America Chavez)

    8. Captain Marvel (Danvers) > Captain Marvel (Rambeau)

    9. Spider-Man, Vision, War Machine, Scarlett Witch and Black Panther (They maybe the only one protected because it would be racist and sexist to swap them).

    1. Anonymous

      I don’t think you know what sexism or racism is, based upon your comment…

    2. drew who

      You obviously never have heard of Spider-Woman , There is a female Iron Man called Iron-Heart and the Black Panther has been female in comics . America Chavez wont be Sorcerer Supreme but the character they introduce post credits scene might be ( her name is Clea ) because she becomes Strange’s apprentice .

      Not disagreeing with though because I don’t like the way the MCU is going . Not because I am against female characters but the ones they are using ( other than She Hulk who while being a legacy character has been been very popular since her creation in the 1980s ) are just inferior versions of established male or female characters .

    3. Why does EVERY THING, have to be racist and sexist!!!

      1. DeLaunhardt

        …because the WOKE religion wouldn’t have it any other way….

        1. Cal

          If society weren’t filled with so many racist bigots like yourself it wouldn’t have to be.

      2. CalledIt

        Because our society is still very much racist and sexist. Go clutch your pearls some more.

        1. Clifton Brewer

          Only to those who see everything through racist or sexist prism.

    4. RMena

      You are overthinking things a little too much.

  2. drew who

    I didn’t expect to see him until the middle of phase 5 anyway and that has got to be at least 5 years from now .

  3. Crow Father

    This is interesting because it was being set up like Strange was becoming the new leader of the Avengers. While not technically an avenger he was becoming the new Face of it and the person everyone looked up to (and one of the last MCU heros people actually cared about).

    But with him out I wonder what the plan is now.

  4. Matrix-54

    Well you do have a good point. However all of those superheroes were big characters in the comics. I think it would have been betterbif they introduced them along side with the classic Avengers instead of all at once.

  5. Maeve

    It is also strange by the fact that the end credits scene of Doctor strange 2 said ‘Doctor Strange will return’ so…

  6. Barry

    As much as I enjoy the character, I would rather see him back in a few years rather than have him burn out and disappear all together like Iron Man and Captain America.

  7. ZeonNewtype

    I think it’s more than fair for Benedict Cumberbatch to get a break for a bit. 🙂 He’s been shooting Marvel films since 2016, plus, Doctor Strange 3 isn’t on Disney’s current itinerary right now, so it’s a good time for him to take a break and enjoy time with his family.

  8. Jack

    I’m not a fan of the direction the MCU is going. It’s not the fact they’re following the comic’s footsteps and bringing in female versions of male characters. I don’t really mind that. What I do mind is that just like the comics, these versions are usually empty and hollow. Worse still is that it’s not just replacement characters like America Chavez, but even new characters like the Eternals and Shang Chi feel hollow. So far the only new character I liked is Kate Bishop because Hawkeye, the show, did a great job making her feel human without just making her an emotion that changes in the end. With everyone else, though, I just don’t really care about them. That’s what phase 1 achieved: it made me care for the characters by the time Avengers came around. Now, we just have a bunch of random people meeting thanks to Wong. I don’t see how this is going to be as engaging as Phase 1 and 2. Marvel has my goodwill, but they’re losing my confidence quick.

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