Comments for Disneyland Replaces Iconic Ride With Tailgate Game and Stickers

Cars Land

Credit: Disney


  1. Maddest Hatter

    Hundred and thirty bucks a day to play Cornhole

    Where do I sign up?!

    1. Polly

      Hahah! And free stickers to peel off the walls. What’s next Face Painting?

  2. This is the Expedition Everest hopscotch page all over again. Since I can’t link, search “ Expedition Everest Replaced By Unbelievable Experience”

    1. Ironically, they were written by the same person.

  3. Rya

    Hit Bob Paycheck where it hurts … his beloved “data” … aka … Disney+ subscriber numbers. Cancel your Disney+ subscription. Fire Bob Paycheck!

  4. The best and the most fun I ever had on a ride. Hope you bring it back .Can’t wait to tide it again!

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