Comments for Disneyland Guests Comment on Fan-Favorite Attraction’s Lackluster Condition

Indiana Jones Adventure sign

Credit: Disney Parks Blog


  1. Brooke

    That video is the best part of the queue. Disney doesn’t get to make record profits (mostly due to overcharging us on almost everything, if not doubling prices) and also neglect to maintain their rides, clean the park, and repair broken parts of queues. Chapek is all about us paying more and getting less. The BS about Disney Parks not being able to hire enough people to work at the parks is totally bogus. Chapek has them cutting menus, restaurant capacities. He will squeeze every penny out of us and the Cast Members to get a hire profit sharing bonus for himself. This reservation system is all about creating a panicked demand.

  2. Chris Beylund

    After paying $14.50 For a corn dog I realized I was part of the problem if we keep paying these prices they’re going to keep raising them.

  3. David

    I’ve been to DL recently and I can confirm the Indy effects mentioned are indeed not active. I have speculated that the video was cut short due to complaints about its treatment of diverse cultures, but that’s just a guess. I honestly don’t remember that well what was in the remainder of the video that was cut short.

    1. jake

      That is not why. It’s so the line can be shorter and guests can get on quicker due to the pandemic.

  4. jake

    Guys, don’t worry. Next time I go to Disney I will verbally report these issues. Especially the ones that Disney Imagineers forgot to fix. I’m kind of known by some older cast members due to the number of things I keep in check with this attraction. They ask me if something is working. If it isn’t they will get the issue reported for a later fix, or a fix later in the day.

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