Comments for VIDEO: Brawl at Disneyland During the Return of Fantasmic!

Left: Disney security tries to separate a fight at nighttime. Right: Mickey shoots fireworks out of his gloves during Fantasmic!.


  1. Some people don’t know how to act in public. Feel bad for the kids and the family getting kicked out with them.

  2. bob smith

    It is weird cause there was never fights before the so-called virus. the real virus is humans. Funny people want to keep blaming white people but every single video of a fight at Disneyland or world is a nonwhite fight hmmmmmm weird. Seriously fights have got worse cause of rude people and the wrong crowds going to the parks getting drunk. see what happens when you give adults alcohol after being in the lines for hours and hot heat. hmm wonder why this is happening

    1. Good try with your ignorant post but if you look closely on the video it was your “Kind” that were fighting in the brawl! & let us not forget that the Majority of bad behaviors have been by your own “Kind” but the difference is that your “privilege” allows you a pass each & everytime!.deviate from Fox News & research the statistics yourself!

      1. NoPrivilege

        I grew up in some areas that are 100% white and would love to take you there and dare you to go knock on the trailer door and tell them about their privilege. Don’t knock too hard though, the door might fall in.

        1. CalledIt

          Nobody said life was easy if you are white. It just isn’t because of your skin color. Get out of your little shelter life and you know that.

          1. NoPrivilege

            I didn’t say life was easy if you are white, which is what “fed up” is implying. If you actually read what I wrote you will see I’m making a perfect example that just because you’re white doesn’t mean you have privilege.

      2. Typical BS statement about white priviledge- keep telling yourself that so you van justify in your mind for specific behavior from particular white– black,white, brown…doesnt matter…all colors are responsible but its usually “locals”, isnt it?

        1. CalledIt

          Typical bigot nonsense.

          1. CalledWhat

            you dont make a whole lot of sense, you basically agree with your comment up there and say skin color has nothing to do with having privilege and then you call this person a bigot, not the most educated are you? dont worry we wont hold it against you, its probably somebody elses fault huh?

    2. Dawn

      There were definitely fights before the virus, the difference is everyone and their mother is constantly filming them now. They are glued to social media, looking for anything that might give them their 15 minutes and as many views as they can get.

  3. Heidi Claire

    The first rule of fight club…

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