Comments for Disney Guests Put in Huge Line After Paying Nearly $20 for Special Service


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  1. Stuart Piedmann

    $20 per hour for Lightening Lane?

    Does that include skin bleaching?

  2. David

    I feel like a second class citizen in the standby line. The people that can afford to will dish out 20 dollars an hour to skip the line while we slowwwwly move forward.

  3. Liz


  4. $20/day at Disneyland not $20/hr

  5. Ronald

    Sad and ridiculous.

    I may never return..

    Goodbye Goofy….

    1. Scott

      Went in November with Genie + not active. It was glorious. Lines moved well, tons of rides. Throw it in, and the lines just don’t move at all. And while the lightning is better, the overall experience is terrible.

  6. Areli

    I was there the day this happened. The ride went down at multiple times which granted patrons a pass to come back and the ride at any time that day.

    The line was long when we got in it, but lightning lane does not mean that you skip all of the line. You just gave a reduced time for your wait. So instead of waiting 70 minutes in standby, we waited only 15 because once we got into the facility, it was a quick walk to the loading area.

    Genie+ may gave flaws and may be overpriced, but I saved up for the added cost so that I could purchase this for my family and it was well worth it. We enjoyed a reduced wait time for our favorite attractions and then proudly stood in standby with guests for others.

    I recommend this to all my friends that go and visit. Just save the money ahead of time so that it’s not a shock when you get there. Might mean you have to push your trip back or cut out something to save the extra funds, but it was worth it to my family and we made the most of it.

    1. Cindy

      Isn’t this something that you have to do on your phone? I have a simple phone that only calls n text

  7. ishady

    Genie+ and Individual Lightning Lane definitely save our days as we only visit Disneyland and DCA once in our lifetime. We rode multiple and tens of attractiona per day which won’t be possible with Stand By Line

    1. Nope

      How much did Disney pay you to write this. I had season passes for 10 years before they cancelled them and then went 3 times on the socal pass last year and in that time have never seen a line in the fast pass queue that looked like this, let alone one I had to pay for.

      1. Sar6bloch

        Just another useless money grab. As a former lifetime pass member who now refuses to enter the park in anyway I say stop giving these anti Disney money first customers second our business. They have destroyed Walt Disney dream.

  8. Personally, I liked the old system. 1. Show up at park of your choice (no reservation required), 2. Walk to the ride you want to fast pass, stick your park pass in the machine and out slides a fast pass with time to return. Do a ride or two, return, ride and pull another fast pass. If you have hoppers, you may go any time to your next park. Such freedom and spontaneous! No charge, no crazy schedule, no extra charges, and fare to all who had a park pass. No noses stick in a phone either. For us, we won’t return until Disney comes to their senses!

  9. TacoCat

    Everyone can’t be first! There will always be lines to wait in.

  10. Tom

    Why do people think that because they paid the extra cost, and were able to afford that extra cost, that they were the only ones to do so? If everyone does it, how is that a benefit, other than Disney that gets an extra $20/person?

  11. Tammy

    Genie Plus was a complete waste of money for me and m family. We weren’t able to get on any ride with it the 1st day and thought we had it figured out the second day. Nope, was only able to schedule 1 ride at the start of our day. Universal Studios is 100% the better, well organized park.

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