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  1. Cynthia Rafferty

    I would love to win this Disney World Vacation for my family it’s been a long time since my family has all been together. As a vacationing family, Disney world has so much to offer as far as a family vacation for everyone. Most of all my family love to be able to spend time together and have long-lasting memories from a Disney World Vacation.

  2. Janell Albrecht

    We are Disney fans…. but have yet to be to Disney World. It has been my dream to be able to take all my grandkids together to Disney World together with their parents!! They would all love it so mych and bring them so together with all the Magical Disney Fun!!

  3. Jennifer Fulghum

    I would love!!!!!!! Love love this. I just recently took my special needs son to Disney in March and it was a disaster he was so overwhelmed we are in Va I grew up in Orlando and I want him to enjoy it as much as I did growing up. Fingers are crossed!!!!

  4. Clarence Green

    I’m a Disney fan and love it.I was a season pass holder and was able to visit after COVID last year, I’m hoping to visit during the 50th anniversary!

  5. Amber Keele

    Visiting Disneyland with my mom, dad, and sister was one of the most magical experiences as a child, and again with my fiance who had never been 10 years ago! My son just turned 7 and it would be awesome to share that magic with him. We will have to win a trip to Disney at this point, because there’s no way we can afford to take him after the challenges the past 2 years have presented. I know we are not alone in this struggle so I wish everyone the best thing luck in winning this amazing trip to the most magical place on earth!

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