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Disney Stroller in Shanghai Disneyland

Credit: Disney


  1. Boo

    I’m sorry people had items stolen, but come on…..keep your valuables on you at all times. And, you can have most souvenirs shipped home. Thinking all is safe is quite literally a fantasy…..

  2. Andrew

    When my son was a toddler a few years ago someone actually stole our BOB Motion stroller in the stroller parking at T-Rex in front of the restaurant.

    My advice bring a crappy stroller or rent one from the park/Disney Springs.

    Disney was kind enough to provide a stroller but it wasn’t the same as the BOB Motion.

  3. Julie

    Hi! Unfortunately Monday we were one of the family that had our backpack stolen while at a show. Totally unexpected ofcourse, but a reminder nevertheless to keep your valuables by your side at all times. Disney security and OC police was very helpful, and lucky the theives we’re caught and arrested.

    1. Brenda

      Saddened to hear our guests recent experiences! Once I lmy camera fell out of our bag at Planet Hollywood, it was turned in. The following year, a sweater had fallen out of our stroller, the next morning we found it on top of a garbage can, then our oldest son another year left a small bag of his electronic in the lounge area of checkin at the resort, we left to pick up a rental car and pick up a few groceries. It was about 2 hours later when our son told us, we went back to the resort immediately and the bag was literally untouched. This is not the Disney magic I know.

    2. Brenda

      So sorry to hear this happen to you. Not the Disney I know. When our children were young, we lost/left behind items on 3 seperate occassions each time to be returned.

  4. Mom

    I don’t trust anyone.
    My wristlet dropped off my belt in Disneyland at the ladies room near Ariel’s ride.
    $50 cash, License and debit card.
    I walked out, turned around and it was gone that fast!
    Went to guest services and it had been turned in, less the cash.
    The CM didn’t flinch when I told her I felt the thief was the one who turned it in. (This all happened within 15 minutes).
    I never trust in public places. I use a stroller lock that would impede them folding it to put it on a tram or bus.

  5. Caz

    M mom had pick pockets steal $74 from her at Disney.

  6. Dana

    Yes, I had my knee brace that was in an ECV basket stolen while I was on Alice in Wonderland in Disneyland. I have had clip on fans stolen from our stroller at Disney World. I don’t even bother taking personal items into the parks anymore. Magic bands for me.

  7. Dareen

    I was in line with my daughters age two and five and looked over to see a man rifling through our diaper bag. This was 40 years ago. Of course I didn’t have anything in the diaper bag of value.

  8. Sarah

    Guess Disney can’t catch these people, sad don’t they have cameras Google Amanda Poyner, I know she and boy friend stole baby carriage and tried to sell on Craigslist.

  9. Romyeaux

    It’s very sad when people get their stuff stolen at WDW. I saw a guest one time that had a $1000 stroller stolen from the pram parking lot at A Bug’s Life at DAK. The lady knew it was not an accident, because she had special ribbons tied to it so she could find it at the airport. Disney has security cameras everywhere, so I would expect that they could catch these thieves easily.

  10. Mickeymouse3

    Never leave anything in your car, or in this case stroller, that you don’t want stolen. Doesn’t matter if it’s locked or not.

  11. Dolores Whitfield

    There was a time that things like this very rarely occurred at Disney World..it’s really very sad that it has now become a common occurrence.

  12. Lauren

    I had a $85 Disney jacket stolen from my ECV in December, 2021. It was parked outside Alice in Wonderland at Disneyland.

  13. Steve K

    26 years ago, our camcorder with irreplacable videos of our daughter was taken from our stroller in Micket’s Toon Town. Heartbreaking thst this happens.

  14. MMH

    I’ve never had anything stolen because I wear a fanny back and my partner carries the back pack with water – I’d never leave anything in a stroller. That said, the funniest “thieves” I have ever seen were a pair of squirrels. They were working their way through the strollers sniffing out the snacks and helping themselves – they even opened tupperware containers with sandwiches!! So it’s not only humans raiding your strollers!

  15. George de Jungle

    I’m not saying I know, or don’t know but… Perhaps that picture you posted earlier of the “kid” in handcuffs had something to do with this? Jus’ Sayin’

  16. Lisa D

    In August at Disneyland I found this wallet sitting on the rail while at a Starbucks and right away I’m like, oh my goodness someone lost their wallet! Right away I started looking to the ladies who ordered Infront of me. I couldn’t find the person fast enough. I was panacting for the person who had no idea she even left it. It’s a awful feeling to loose your wallet especially a long way from home. You never know what someone is going through and need their items. Thief’s are loosers

  17. Michelle

    Unfortunately there is no way to keep the general decline of society outside of the gates of Disney. People come in, and people of questionable character are included. I use an electric wheelchair but I never leave anything of value on it.

  18. My husband and I have always had fanny packs and deep pockets in our shorts to carry valuables. I even wear different wedding rings and leave my valuable ones home. Everyone has to be very careful, enjoy the most magical place on earth but all people aren’t nice.

  19. Elaine

    Even at Disney, people can be jerks. When we had strollers at the parks, we always kept any valuables in a backpack that was taken with us at all times.

  20. Camera… It was on the table and then it was gone I turned around to fix the stroller 2 minutes

  21. ketan vinlawr

    I went to disney and had all my money stolen from me by people in costumes.

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