Comments for Guest Shocked by Quality of Pricey Disney Restaurant, “It’s Just IHOP”

Fab 5 at Chef Mickey

Credit: Disney


  1. Brooke

    Listen, all of the restaurants, even California Grille and Ohana have gone down in quality in terms of the food, the portions while the prices are their highest ever. The only thing that remains the same, is the service from the Cast Members. Chapek is literally squeezing every cent of profit out of every inch of WDW and the California resorts. We need to stop paying the high prices for the hotels – go stay at Universals NEW, clean hotels for a fraction of the price. And don’t eat on property at WDW, go elsewhere. Heck go to Disney Springs if you need the Disney vibe, the prices are more affordable there. The Disney stock is plummeting, along with Chapek’s reputation as a CEO – the most disastrous in Disney history. He wiped out all of Iger’s regime, installed his own army of mindless, unprofessional, inexperienced yes men and women. Look at the below mediocre remodel of DTD and the Poly DVC – it’s clear that the majority of Imagineers have left the building, thanks to Chapek’s Florida move ultimatum. He needs to be forced to resign before he remodels all Disney properties into overpriced mediocrity.

  2. We will not go to Chef Mickey again until it is a buffet. We enjoyed Ohana in March 2022. I enoyed having a Moana smoothie. I was happy to see pineapple bread available. Food quality is down. Cast members–depends on the individual. Some are helpful and some would rather be somewhere else. Glad housekeeping is back, but seeing more theft stories.

  3. Bill

    There’s nothing at WDW that’s actually worth the money. You will never find value. Anywhere.

    1. Rooftop Voter

      WDW is a giant retail store

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