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  1. Nancy dailey

    I will say it was sad to wait so long and then have ride stop and have to walk out. Then go to another park and have test track closed most of the day. Lines were redicoulous due to not having all the rides open.

    1. Goofy

      Your grasp of the English language is “redicoulous”.

    2. Jay

      I have to agree, either Disney must limit their guests or provide FREE food and beverages to those standing in line for an hour for a five minute ride. Never going back.


  3. Look you had a bad experience move on it’s clear someone didn’t grow up. Find somewhere else to go on the future. Let grown adults have the fun. Go back to kindergarten. ­čśé

  4. Kathy

    What is wrong with people these days? I’ve been to disney plenty of times and never witness anything like the behavior that’s been going on in these parks this year. I guess people need to grow up and calm down. It’s a vacation people relax.

  5. Lar

    Do people read Yelp reviews for Disney?

  6. Amanda

    Disney has became just something. They do love taking money but in return we got horrible racist service. Broken rides and just no magic. I completely understand the disappointment. It seems this is happening alot more than before Covid.

    1. Racist at “woke” Disney?? I call bull sh%t

  7. Arlankford

    Disney? Isn’t that the parks where nothing works

  8. Paula Ferguson

    We just got back from 2 weeks in WDW. Absolutely fabulous customer service, bags of magic,
    and a wonderful time. We waited no longer than 20 minutes for anything and saw and experienced everything in every park we wanted–and we weren’t there at rope drop.

    Not crowded, and even the weather was kind–no rain, 88┬░–the whole trip.

    Btw, we’re all adults and sometimes take as many as 9 people with us. My husband’s been going since ’72, and since I’ve been going (14 years), we’ve had ONE bad day. One.

    Because we go 2x/yr., we opted out of a Hopper. I failed to get the 4th in a series of pins I was collecting and a Cast Member from that park sold me a gift card for the exact amount, then went INTO the park to purchase it FOR me. With service like that, how can you have bad day?

    We’ll be back in December for more MAGIC! THANK you all for EVERYthing, Disney Cast Members!

    1. How much did they pay you to write that?

    2. Puckles

      Shut up, karen. No one cares about your rant.

  9. Adisa

    I’ve never been to WDW and it took me until I was 30something before I went to Disneyland. Not only do I not trust Mickey and Minnie, but I’m starting to believe that Donald Duck has drowned them both in a tub. Everytime I read about Disney someone’s complaining this is alarming, Walt definitely wants to know what’s going on? And where are THE BIRDS?

  10. Red

    Woke= broke…they are learning this the hard way

    1. a7xlopeza7x

      People like you make me laugh. I’m pretty sure that Disney isn’t even close to going broke right now…Feel free to keep shouting that nonsense catchphrase though.

  11. Hairy bush all day

  12. DJTluvsputin

    Deathsantis is a dictator…. Do as I say, not as I do, or i will punish you! UnAmerican… Disney over Deathsantis…

  13. Vanessa

    Totally agree, Disney Worlds sucks. Just to Hollywood Studios May 30, 2022. Never again. Horrible service, shows, food and atmosphere. Lines excessive, ride breakdowns after waiting hours, workers not friendly. Over priced and total disappointment. Walt would not approve. Years ago was great, now all about profit and it shows. Star Wars was lame. Trying to oromote new SW movies. Universal needs to school them on how to run a park.

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