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  1. Victor

    I did the Galactic Star Cruiser a couple of weeks ago and I’m currently writing up a comprehensive review.

    The short version is, the vast majority of the ‘crew’ are exceptionally young, inexperienced college age personnel who are being forced to perform as ‘face’ actors when they are not even as seasoned and capable as run-of-the-mill cast members in other Disney parks and resorts.

    The imagineers did a great job of composing and implementing the ‘space’ elements and adventure effects very much as if these were all part of a ride but quality control and final build quality (blue painter’s tape, exposed wires, light strips falling out of fittings) are not up to normal Disney standards much less the standards of a $1.65/minute special adventure.

    The except for the excellent dinner meals the daytime food is only slightly above the quality and ‘happiness’ level of a value resort or quick service meal.

    The rooms are unnecessarily small especially when it is recognized that Disney was not under the same space restrictions as a real ship where cubic inches of space are at an extreme premium. This is foolish when the reality is that as a concrete building (that looks like a law enforcement processing facility from the outside) there is no bonafide need to make the $3,000+ per night rooms small while billing them as suitable for 5 people. Please note, I have served on both Coast Guard cutters and sailed on Disney cruise ships as well as staying at almost all of Disney’s premium resorts.

    Lastly, (not finally, I have much more) the arrival experience is sub standard even compared to arriving at a 1 star hotel. The overhang to unload vehicles is not large enough to accommodate enough vehicles or provide enough shelter from wind, rain or sun. The bell staff were hard working but obviously inexperienced and understaffed and guests has nowhere to go to get out of the heat, etc.

    The only 2 arrival area restrooms are single occupancy and can only be accessed after getting through security metal detectors. The walkway to the elevators is a claustrophobic, unfinished, unpainted, no decorations, no frills concrete tunnel that feels like Disney is taking you to jail through the ‘utilidors’ rather than a luxury cruise experience. Waiting in line for Mine Train or Space Mountain or checking in at Pop Century is more pleasant and more Disney than waiting to start a $6000-$7000 2 day Star Wars experience on the Halcyon.

    1. CalledIt

      Again Chapek is thanking DeSantis for his stupid unless stunt as it takes away from his mistakes.

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