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kids meal for adults at disney

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  1. Chip Skate

    If I order a kids meal at Be Our Guest, do I still have to tip?

    1. Reg


    2. Jillundous

      Is this a joke question? Of course u do.

    3. Adina Long

      Yes and BOG is prefixe so you as an adult can’t order childs

  2. TotalDramaDisney

    And… This is a problem WHY?

  3. mari

    I did, several times in March. I don’t eat a lot but mostly I am a picky eater and I wanted plain food which I could only get on a kids meal. It was not about the cost. I experienced no issues, asked first and was told by the worker with a giant smile that “Everyone is a kid when at Disney”. I appreciated that so much.

  4. Eileen

    I’m a gastric bypass patient. I can’t eat the huge portions at Disney so the Kids menu is my go to. If i order the adult, I usually have ziplock bags with me to save the food for later. I’ve never had a problem

    1. Cami

      Where do you store the ziploc bags while at the park? Won’t it go bad if its not refrigerated?

  5. Rya

    Disney doesn’t give “generous” portions anymore. That’s a thing of the past. Fire Bob Paycheck!

  6. Pam

    Ordered a kids meal at Be Our Guest, because I need bland food, but was charged the adult price. It was just the right portion and very tasty! Just disappointing I had to pay the full adult price.

    1. I have asked to order kids meals as well at sit-down restaurants and have been told no. I have a very small appetite. I always order off kids menu when I go to quick service. What I’ve done
      at table restaurants is I will order the adult portion and share it with somebody at my table. I don’t understand why an adult can’t order a kids meal and pay the kids price if that’s all the amount of food they really want to eat.

      1. Lakuma

        Because Disney is greedy. I know people don’t like to hear this but the truth hurts sometimes.

        1. Dan

          Very greedy. It’s the only thing that explains the asinine crowd levels making it virtually impossible to move around. They are more concerned about squeezing as much money as they can out of people instead of valuing visitor comfort and experience.

  7. J Strom

    It’s a problem because my 10 year old was allowed to order a kids meal at every sit down restaurant except be our guest and the server embarrassed her by making a big deal about how it’s 9 and under only. You tell me what 10 yo girl is going to eat the same amount of food as a grown man or even like the same things 🙄

    1. Dan

      All 3 of my kids actually, and no they’re not over weight. But it’s absurd your daughter couldn’t. Just as absurd as ordering adult portions for a 9 year old and they refuse…..we had to buy him a second dinner because he was still hungry….

    2. My kids actually eat more than I do lol. I really only need a kids size to eat. I waste a crap ton of food and I absolutely hate that. What difference does it make if you’re paying whatever the price is.

  8. Amanda

    We have DVC and AP so we go a lot. I ONLY order kids’ meal items as I’m super picky and like very plain food. No server has ever had an issue. I just order what I want like I know what I’m doing. 🤷🏻‍♀️

    You’re kind of stuck at the Prix Fixe places, but I just suck it up and pay it. Disney is super clear which restaurants are Prix Fixe so if you have a problem with it, choose other restaurants. 🙂

  9. Aggie

    I order kids meals all the time. If it’s somewhere with a set price, I just pay the adult price. I go a couple times a year and have never had an issue at any place run by Disney. This includes resort restaurants and Disney Springs.

  10. Patricia O

    My sister and her adult daughter wanted something light for breakfast before they went to the park.
    My sister ran over to the food court and ordered two kids breakfasts to take back to the room.
    The cashier was rude to her, saying, “You know these are only for children!”
    My sister nodded, paid for the meals and left.

  11. CA

    That is just foolish on Disney’s part. How many people have had gastric sleeve or gastric bypass surgeries that have to eat a smaller meal such as about a cup of food that go to their parts? Or what about the people who have digested issues and can’t eat large amounts of food and don’t tell me that you can control and eat what you want there’s always that guilt of leaving all that food that you know is going to go to waste yeah it’s silly but still the it’s just wasteful on Disney’s part and really inconsiderate.

  12. Sue

    What’s the difference you are still
    Buying food and paying the prices if it’s a kids meal or adult. Crazy. Sone of the kids food is better then the adults. Disney has gone to far. Crazy

  13. Steven

    This is beyond stupid. You have to get over the price to park your car and actually get into the park and then proceed to get upset the moment you have to pay the adult price on food. Here is an idea, try something out like eat when you are actually starving. This world of entitled Karens continue to draw my ire. You want to act like this is somehow destroying Disney’s bottom line, but it is not. After you have paid for the other stuff, Disney is not being harmed and you are walking around, in the theme parks, on an empty stomach.

    1. Pat

      Totally agree. This treat me special attitude everyone has is absurd. Disney does not care if you don’t order food Karen. You already paid admission, so at this point your just inconveniencing yourself and the other guests who are waiting for a table. Grow up.

    2. Dan

      Wanting to order food off the menu does not make one a Karen. People should be able to order anything, unless time restricted, that is available. That’s not entitlement, that’s how literally every restaurant in the world works. Throwing a fit and yellingat the server because they won’t allow it makes you aKaren, but staring that it’s absurd that you can’t order a kids portion does not.

  14. Steve S.

    Do people still leave the park at noon time to go out to their cars and eat food out of their coolers or leave the park to go to the local chain restaurants? Haven’t been to Disney since the late 90’s. That’s what a lot of people used to do back then.

  15. Tracy Petrie

    I’m one of those people who always order the kids meal. I can’t eat much at one time. Of course, I’ll be hungry again sooner. So they’ll still get their money out of me. But I hate to waste it on food I’ll have to throw away if I can’t eat it all right this minute. And I definitely don’t want to lug it around the parks!!

  16. Donna

    Yes or go eat at McDonalds 😡

  17. Pinkie

    i just head to epcot. small portions, cheap prices and better food at the festivals.
    as for the restaurants it’s more price and demand. if anyone could get a kids meal everyone would go there to enjoy the ambiance. since Disney is a business they want to make sure when they can fit people in they make the most money they can in the time and space they can.
    i do agree on a smaller adult meal being added for the need but it would never be kid price

  18. Linds

    That is discrimination restaurant can’t do it and Disney is no exception they have to sell you what do you order
    They don’t want your ordering kids meals because they’re cheaper and they wanna screw the adults on that big time praise for a freaking two dollar meal

  19. MZ

    What is wrong with people!!! It is called a “KIDS” meal for a reason. It is not for adults to try to be cheap!! Did you also try to buy a Disneyland ticket as a child?? Unbelievable!! And yes of course you still tip!!

  20. Anne

    I think it’s absolutely discussing, some people just can’t eat a regular sized meal, just let the guest enjoy what they want to eat, Disney stop being so greedy, it’s not about the money, well it is for you,

  21. DXF

    If you want to eat kids meals, then order counter service meals all you want. If you’re going to take up a highly sought after reservation and you’re an adult, eat and pay for an adult meal. Anyone that sits there and doesn’t eat should also be charged for taking up a reservation slot. Table service meals aren’t only for the food, it’s for the experience. For every adult that wants to order a kids meal at a table service restaurant, there’s at least 20 adults willing to pay adult prices.

  22. Mm

    I’m diabetic and don’t eat much at a meal, I had this same issue when visiting st. Louis eating at restaurants. One allowed me to order kids menu 2 others had it on their menu adults could not order from kids menu. Why? I wasted half a plate of food I couldn’t eat, couldn’t doggie bag it as I had a flight to catch. Wasting food is just wrong.

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