Comments for Disney Still Using Will Smith Content Despite Backlash From Oscar Slap

will smith oscar slap (left) will smith genie (right)


  1. Thomas

    While I’ll always prefer Robin Williams and think the original animated version is faaarrrr superior to the remake, I don’t hate the Will Smith version and I think there’s enough hate in the world to keep bashing Will Smith for defending his wife’s honour, he’s have been damned if he didn’t do anything and he’s damned for taking a stand – albeit in the wrong way. Move on, it happened a long time ago now and people have better things to worry about than whether Will Smith’s performances are shown on Disney or played on Disney radio

  2. Brooke

    I really enjoyed the remake of Aladdin. As for the Will Smith debacle. It was so poorly handled by the Academy and their security company. Will Smith should have been stopped from walking on to the stage, first off. After he assaulted Chris Rock, he should have been escorted out, and arrested. You should never get away with a physical assault, a woman, man, zero. The fact that he was allowed to go back to his seat for the remainder of the show as a travesty. He should have been forced to forfeit his Oscar. What a disgrace, I was embarrassed for the Williams family on their special night.

  3. Julie

    Disney was planning on taking Johnny Depp out of things for accusations that turned out false but Will Smith slapped somebody on public TV and they don’t ban will smith from Disney. I really don’t understand can somebody explain it.

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