Comments for Disney World Travelers Held In Plane After Returning to Canada, Unable to Leave


Credit: Orlando International Airport


  1. Auston

    This is due to overcrowding at customs. If you don’t want to be stuck on the plane at landing, try getting a seat in the first 8 maybe 10 rows of the plane because you are guaranteed to be in the first 50.

    1. Marcus

      We just came back from Orlando 2 weeks ago. We waited 1 hours inside airplane at the Orlando airport when we arrived due to lack of airport personnel. So it is not a Toronto problem only.

  2. EmbarrassedCanuck

    Screw Canada and Disney. Both are trash

    1. Tiger

      Yeah Canada sucks! Disney sucks! Putin sucks! Religion sucks! Exercise sucks! Willie Nelson sucks! The Universe sucks!


    2. Rob

      Your mom is trash, your dad is trash and your comments are trash



    1. James Nanton

      This article is just a blatant naked add for Disney world Orlando…it’s got nothing to do with flying into Toronto

      1. Tiger

        Toronto is a place of evil! Read that on YouTube.

      2. Mark

        Exactly what I was thinking as I was backtracking in the article to see if I’d missed some paragraphs. So, this tells me a fact about Pearson International and that’s it. No explanation or other details. Nothing else but an in depth tour of the wonderful world of Disney. Waste of time.

  4. Sam quill

    OMG you had to wait! Too bad for you. If the whole world would just relax and be patient things would be better. Were you out at gunpoint no. Were you sitting in a prison no. Your pretty little ass was sitting in a plane. That must have been just so horrible. Get a Life! You have wasted more time getting your hair and nails done. Sitting in an airplane for less than an hour isn’t going to kill you. It also isn’t worth writing an article about either. If you can’t find something better to write about maybe a better place for you to be is working at McDonald’s

  5. RefereeForty

    Boo frickity hoo for you. If you’re being paid to write this drivel, someone is wasting their money. Do Canada a favour and stay in Orlando permanently.

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