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  1. I tried to go toast for the first time at Polynesians captain cooks March 2022. Was very disappointed. I was looking forward to trying it for months. It was hard on the edges. I would have liked it with thinner bread and more bananas. My favorite counter breakfast is sleepy hallows waffle, Nutella, berry sandwich.

  2. Billy

    Next time ask for Tounge-a toast, I hear it’s softer.

    1. Where do they sell that, Billy? Let me know your critique when you eat it at WDW.

      1. Billy

        At Yak & Yucki

        1. Romyeaux

          We used to call it “Choke and Puke” when I worked Africa/Asia/Everest. It did get better, however; my favorite lunch is still the Flametree at DAK.

  3. Jen

    I’ve tried making my own Tonga toast and it was a lot effort and mess for not much return. Olivia’s at Old Key West has some pretty good banana bread french toast.

  4. Yvette

    I tried the Tonga Toast from Cspt’n Cooks for breakfast and was extremely disappointed. My husband had to go back to get more maple syrup. April 2022. It was hard and dry. The 2 bananas inside the middle seemed like an after thought. The rest of the food there was wonderful but I will not be buying Tonga Toast again.

  5. We’ve made it a point to have Tonga Toast at Kona during our visits for the last 40 years, and it never disappointed – until recently. When we went in ‘21 it was inedible; in fact, it was so bad that we’ve not been tempted to give it another chance.

  6. Skeet Jackman

    I tried this toast once and had my main tongue artery severed from it being filled with broken glass. When I complained they told me I shouldn’t have kept chewing it and it was my fault. I said I just wanted to leave a lasting memory with my grandson before I die, but he’s so traumatized that anytime he sees a Disney character or someone eats in front of him he screams uncontrollably and sometimes bites his lips until they bleed, which makes the screaming worse. He calls me Grandpa Hate now and I’m not allowed on the compound anymore. There’s wild dogs out here and I’m cold.

    1. Becky Sue

      Tongue Toast is one of the most beloved food experiences by Guests. Recently however one Guest reported an abrasion industry on their tongue from too much toastiness. What do you think.

    2. Romyeaux

      That was funny, LOL.

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