Comments for Disney Stock Tanks to Lowest Price in 2 Years Following Multiple Controversies

bob chapek with mickey and minnie

Credit: Disney


  1. CalledIt

    The entire market is under a course correction due to overvaluation has Disney isn’t even the most valued stock right now. That would be Telsa.

    1. Jerry

      Disney is the worst performing stock on the Dow Jones. Its more than just a correction. The stock prices has been falling since last fall because investors are losing confidence in this management. They are pushing social agendas rather than focusing on growing the company.

      1. CalledIt

        Untrue particularly the last part but we know how fragile white MAGAers so the mere sight of anyone who is white sends you clutching for your pearls.

  2. Reali

    Can’t see why…doesn’t everyone want to talk to little kids about sex?

    1. Exactly where at Disney are they talking to children about sex???

      1. CalledIt

        Just every MAGAer accusation is really a confession.

      2. Jerry

        Ask Chapek. The Florida law that he’s against bans talking about sex to K-3rd graders in public schools. (Not just gay sex, but all sex.) Chapek decided to fight against that law….after donating to campaigns of lawmakers that wrote it.

        1. CalledIt

          That isn’t the law at all and you know it you bigot.

  3. Igle

    Chapek has to go! Disney is losing its focus and confidence of investors. I feel bad for all the employees who are participating in their ESOP. I feel sorry for me for not seeing this a while ago and divesting of my holdings. Now hoping to ride it out. Chapek had large shoes to fill. Obviously not up to the task. Being known as the sweatshop employer, also doesn’t help with recruitment and keeping good people. Sad, because all of their aspects from espn to ABC are tanking and they haven’t had a movie hit in a while.

    1. Joe

      Couldn’t be further from correct. Igor was amazing but let’s not forget how he grossly overpaid for 21st Century Fox which will hurt in the short run. They haven’t had a hit movie in a while?!?! Did we forget Spider-Man No Way Home already?!?! It hasn’t even been out for 6 months. The stock is being brought down 1) with the overall market, 2) collateral damage with the rest of the streaming segment, e.g. Netflix, Comcast, Paramount, 3) China shutdown which hurts the international parks, and 4) recession/inflation fears, e.g. less discretionary spending among other things. Wall St. doesn’t lack confidence in management. Main St. does and rightfully or wrongfully is a separate conversation.

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