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Credit: Disney


  1. TotalDramaDisney

    YES! Here’s hoping Disney will replace the whole land with an IP that deserves its own land!

    1. bob smith

      wow you must be a complete douchbag replace the whole land let me guess make mickey mouse gay also right

      1. Frank

        Crawl back in your hole, Dumpist. No one mentioned anything like that. I don’t agree with the first commenter either, but you’re just p@thetic trying to start sh*t, troII.

  2. MJ

    Well considering Luigi and Mater are down for renovations it’s not in conjunction with Radiator Springs I wish there would be more accurate reports and jot bait and switch

  3. Marly

    Nothing is down in that land except for racers. I just saw wait time, and asked my husband who works there.

  4. Tim

    Well, well, well. Another ITM failure in reporting. If you people don’t work for chapek he should snatch you guys up shortly as you are the type of people he wants.
    If ITm really wanted to report useful information and stories they would be investigating why both Disney Parks are having so many fires lately, why maintenance issues keep coming up forcing closures of attractions, and so much more of what is wrong with the Disney parks. Get out of the twitter and tik tok BS and report things of substance.
    Marly can you give us an update on the alleged fire or is it the attraction is closed for renovations as was scheduled?

  5. Vamanos

    I went there May 3 and got stuck on that ride 🙁

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