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  1. Chris

    After 15 minutes, I would be going up and asking to cancel without penalty because I made a reservation for a particular time and planned accordingly. My wife is diabetic and honestly can’t be waiting an hour longer than planned. Sure, we could get snacks while waiting, but then not hungry for the planned meal.

    1. Dan F.

      Hey folks….nothing new !!! The family was at WDW twice (2007, 2013) and had reservations for Le Cellier both times. In each case we waited over an hour past our reservation time to get seated. The first time we waited another hour for our our food….. AND IT WAS BARELY WARM !!! The second time was worse….an hour twenty for a table. We got our drink order and waited. We finally got them to pack it for carry out!!!

      1. Rob

        Do not understand the appeal of spending tons of money to interact with or see plastic life size cartoon characters, in a village constructed of plastic and fiber glass.. Why would an Adult want to go see a giant phony mouse? Bizarre.

        1. Simon

          If you’re not interested in Disneyland, why are you reading articles and comments about it?

  2. Hannah

    And they keep adding more and more people to the magic key AP program who visit weekly. I’m not spending our vacation dollars at Disneyland ever again after our experience a few months ago. It’s just a locals hangout now. Again.

  3. Nicole

    This happened to me (a party of 1) and another party (3 with a toddler) last night. They had reservations for 745, I had reservations for 750 and we didn’t get seated until 820-830 but they were seating “walk-ins” and claimed they were having issues with their system so they would let everyone know verbally when it was their turn to be seated. Magically when it was our turn, the system came back and we got our alerts for the tables.

    1. Puckles

      White privileged problems. Poor you.

      1. Judy

        How do you know they were
        White! Why do you say things like that? You sound racist!

        1. Betty white

          You don’t have to be white . It’s a euphemism.

      2. Julian

        What a racist TW@T you are Puckles

      3. Sooz

        Not appropriate here!

  4. Joy Snyd

    My parents waited over an hour for cinderella’s royal table at WDW. No sorry, no magic moment of any kind to try and make it right. They missed the fireworks after waiting 2 years to go. It wad a 3 hour ordeal to just eat dinner.

  5. Micki

    Went to WDW and ate at the Beasts Castle. Booked tables 3 months prior and had to wait an hour to be seated and another hour to get our food (which came to the table wrong). The whole 3 hour ordeal actually caused us to miss a few of the rides we wanted to go to in the park, and we weren’t very happy about it. Won’t be doing full service ever again!!!

  6. Willow

    Let me guess you’re black. Bet you wouldn’t say that if you were getting seated. Black people are ALWAYS talking about racism well what you said is pretty dam racist. I guess that’s ok when you’re black n not white. Cause you feel entitled huh. Cuz black people never get a break

    1. Sooz

      You got that right Willow.,

  7. Brooke

    Chapek is running the parks and hotels with a skeleton crew – because he can save money. Some restaurants like Lamplight and Carthay are half empty because there isn’t enough staff to work those sections. Disney is the largest entertainment corp in the world, multi billion dollar corp, and they can’t afford to hire more CM’s, even part time? Please. Chapek is even cutting menus. The parks are running out of food, cutting ingredients. All for Chapek’s profit share bonus check. I cant wait for Chapek to be shown the door.

  8. Mov. 2021 we waited 1hr 10 mins for our reservation at MK in Disney world.

  9. WD

    What is total BS, is that they will charge you if you don’t show up on time for a missed reservation, but they can seat you waaaaaaaaay after your reservation and they suffer no consequences.

  10. Denise

    Problem after problem with Disney. Here’s a solution. Stop going!

  11. jericho

    I think its more common to wait at one of the bars like Lamp Lighter (Olga’s is definitely a different kettle of fish all together. imo you should be prepared to wait depending but they have a hard time limit before the kick parties out, which isn’t the case with LL.)

    Lamp Lighter people will sit there for an hour+ just having drinks as there doesn’t seem to be a “2 drink maximum” like Olga’s in my experience. Disney needs to implement such things during crowded park days to offset these things.

  12. Lily

    I would also think now that the night shows are back, people will be trying to hang out at tables to get free viewing.

    Some issues are caused by guests trying to beat the system, hang on to tables for fireworks or parades.

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