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  1. Harry

    Someone farted on a ride. Great article.

    1. Sean

      The “reporting” on this site has seriously gone downhill.

    2. Becky Sue

      Something stinks here.

  2. We were stuck in line for five hours with Rise of the Resistance. When we got in line, it was 120 min wait. The ride broke down three times while we were in line. I made multiple videos of us being stuck and various areas. I desperately wanted to go to the bathroom. I finally said to myself I don’t care about this stupid ride. A cast member showed me where the bathroom was. It was behind the show building in a parking lot. The bathrooms available where one at a time (cast members use them). (This was during the first break down on the line). My family texted the line’s moving. Left the bathroom line to meet up with them. Line broke down again. Did the live genie text, complaining telling them I was going to pee on myself. That time a cast member helped me to a bathroom. Made it to being stuck the third time with the storm troopers. A cast member asked us if we wanted to go to the bathroom. I said I went 2 hrs ago I’m good. Finally rode the ride. At that point, I did not care. Finally received a reply from the genie live text cast member saying my comments were inappropriate. After getting off of the ride, the genie+ had nothing available for us to use. Guest relations refunded it to my account. I got hundreds of view on my tik tok video.

  3. Bird

    Actually I went to Magic Kingdom roughly a week and a half ago. In roughly 5 trips since 2003, it was the worst experience I’ve had there. I’d like to start by saying long story short we had issues with our genie+ and were unable to use the entire week so lost money there. Would’ve preferred a lightning pass. As for magic kingdom, it was more crowded than any other trip I’ve had and this was the end of April, not midsummer. “Why are so many kids out of school?!?!” was my initial thought. I get Covid messed up vacations and more people do home school now meaning they can vacation any moment basically. Just didnt expect summer level lines during the middle of the school year. The entire day, me and my girlfriend dealt with MULTIPLE rides breaking down. Before this, I’ve only been on one ride broken down before and whenever a ride does break down while in line it only happens once my whole day at any theme park. We get to the Haunted Mansion. Waited 45 minutes, get in the ride. I noticed renovations which I had mixed emotions over. Unfortunately half way through the ride, it also broke down. We were sat about 20 minutes right after where you see the hallway of 999 ghosts stuck looking behind another doom buggy. I joked on snapchat cI’m seriously about to be ghost #1000″. For the record, I dont want to go back for another 5 years myself and my girlfriend never wants to go back. May just try to go to Universal instead because my 1 day at universal last year was better than my week at disney.

    1. Peter

      The new CEO, nicknamed “Pay check”, has really screw up the so-called MAGIC that Disneyworld used to have. The free Fastpass+ worked great! In the past the regular lines weren’t too bad for the most part. Food portions and selection used to be better. Wokeness has set in. My prediction is that Universal’s new park will be more popular.

    2. Article is a crock. There isn’t even a video!!!

      1. Becky Sue

        You really want a video of someone cutting the cheese?

    3. Nik

      That totally suck. I do think April was Spring Break. My kiddo was out for it then. Both Disney Parks are crazy during that time.

  4. S.E.C-R

    Why do the videos embedded into your articles that are about the story never show up or work??

  5. I fell out of the ride during it’s a small world years ago. The water green tinted my white shirt and I got a little in my mouth and it tasted like penny’s and nickels. This was way back in 1995. Crazy thing is I was in seated in the back and the ride captain didn’t see me fall in. My brothers helped me back into the ride and nobody from Disney asked about what had happened or checked to see if I was okay, as if they didn’t see it happen. In all honesty my bro dared me to do it, so I acted like I fell backwards into the drink. Luckily it wasn’t to deep cos’ to this day I can’t swim.

  6. Tia

    Guests at Disney breathe air. Isn’t that exciting news? I breath air, you breath air, everyone breaths air. I can’t wait for the article written about people breathing air to show up.


    1. Sean

      The articles just keep getting worse.

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