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  1. Michael

    Ok if anything deserves a perma ban, this incident has to be right at the top of the list. Plus this lady should be arrested and charged with lewd conduct and indecent exposure considering there might have been kids there in the same boat which would land her a sex charge

  2. Banned for life. People suck.

  3. Semo

    Why do we continue to tolerate the such behavior of those who apparently feel they can do whatever they want whenever they want? This act deserves jail time and financial sanctions. What’s the point of this being a crime if there’s no enforcement?

  4. Michael

    I don’t think she should be permanently banned as everyone else is saying without finding out why she did it. What if she has bladder issues? Do you want her to pee herself instead?

    The article states they were stuck waiting to be evacuated for 15 minutes. That’s time the the ride could have ended for her to use the restroom.

    I have bladder control issues myself, when I have to go, I HAVE to go, there’s no holding it.

    1. TruthSeeker

      Poor excuse for you as well, Michael. No one wants to see you pee. The hell is wrong with you people?

      1. Puckles


    2. Zara

      Are you actually Joking?? Don’t go on a ride that’s going to last a good 8-10 mins if you have bladder issues….simple..

      1. Phillip Steele

        Dont even go out. Just stay home near your bathroom.

    3. Bella

      Then wear a damn diaper

      1. Cathy

        Dont you guys think at this point that peeing in the water is the least of Disneys problems with what has been exposed about them? They are doing WAY worse stuff than this! They have sick perverted people running this park into the ground and out of business. The mouse needs to find himself a new house.
        This wasnt Wallys ideas of family fun, Im sure!

    4. MrPeePants

      Having bladder issues doesnt give you a free pass to drop your pants and piss wherever you like. Should take more responsibility for your actions and conditions like so many other adults have. Frequent bathroom stops, unloading before and after rides if need be and wear some type of protection in case things dont go your way. This sort of self entitlement is why the world is in such a bad spot.

    5. Sick of disney

      15 minutes is all the wait was. If you can’t hold it that long you need to be wearing a diaper. There are children present! She should have been arrested for lewd conduct! But at the very least bummed from the park, that is disgusting

  5. Nana

    And thats why I always go to the bathroom before any ride slow or fast. Im just saying Im older and dont need to take any chances. This is disgusting, and just the exposure of her urinating in a ride should ban her. Little kids are around adults were humiliated匈 dont have the answer except she could of probably wet herself? Then its in the boat floor Im just shaking my head over this one for sure!

    So Im confused most of all because I thought this ride was closed in April for refurbish? So is it really open? My apple says its closed

    1. Dawn

      It’s closed, and will be for a while…. I was there last Wednesday.

    2. Rachel

      This is bad reporting and editing because the hashtags clearly say Magic Kingdom. Disney World not Disneyland.

  6. Mark

    Permaban. No excuse for that sort of behavior.

    Also, someone previously took some of that water…and then cooked with it? Why would anyone ever want to do that? That water has got to be full of all sorts of toxins. Between whatever they use to keep the “boats” moving smoothly on their tracks, whatever they use for color and scent, probably someone coughing up god knows what and spitting it overboard, (last time I was there) thousands of coins because people see water and just need to throw coins in it, and now add “some lady’s pee” to the mix…no thanks. I think I’ll starve instead. You can enjoy that dissentary all on your own.

  7. John De

    Hopefully the authorities have booked her and have a court date assigned. Let a judge decide her fate in court and hear all mitigating circumstances before casting judgement. Alternatively, she could have pee her paints and splashed water on them to hide the deed.

  8. Andi

    People are pissed off at Disney…..If you don’t understand that, there’s a problem…..

  9. Well, thats gross. Agree with the post about just wetting her pants and splashing a little water to hide it. As far as getting rid of the Johnny Depp portion: how about waiting until we know for sure what happened? Even then, its not like they are banning the old films. Most people would still enjoy what little reference there is.

  10. Joyce

    Boys and men have been arrested for that exact kind of behavior and forced to register as sex offenders for life because of it. Why not this woman?

  11. Christopher

    The jack ass who did what he did should be banned from all Disney parks for life. That is so disgusting what this person did. If the person who did what he did in any other place in public view would be charged with a crime of exposing them self and a place were there are children is so gross. If I was a family member I be so disgusted.

    1. David

      It was a woman. Not a man. Please watch the video before commenting.

  12. Karen McHugh

    For “guests” of our magic Kingdom, we all know there are long lines and most use the bathroom before getting in line. We know rides have many delays and interruptions. I would advise any guest to wear an extra protection such as depends so that they will not have to subject themselves to public urination and become banned from the happiest place on earth. Discreet. Private. As any guest should be.

    1. Cathy

      The most perverted place on earth. If she was privy to their sick agenda she probably thought nothing of it!
      In case you missed it. Look up whistle blower at Disney.

    2. David

      Karen, it occurred at Disneyland. Not Disney World.

  13. chuck

    For one the ride was backed up and that happens a lot just like the Skyliner for 2 hours and if you have to go you have to go but it looks like its a lie cause you dont hear of anybody getting taken out of the park and there is no security cause if there was i am sure they would of video that too

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