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danica mckellar(left) and fred savage (right) in the wonder years

Credit: ABC


  1. drew who

    Allegations are not convictions until someone is convicted or proven of wrongdoing then not only is it wrong for a company to terminate their employment on the basis of such allegations. Disney like many companies are running scared of Twitter needlessly . Twitter is not representative of normal peoples opinions the sooner the entertainment industry realize this the better off they will be and the whole world will be .

    1. Kevin

      Thats what we have now in society thanks to the overly vocal cancel culture that started with the #metoo movement. Sad that people no longer understand that this country was founded on the principle of “Innocent until PROVEN guilty”

  2. Victor Nazarian

    Rush to judgement is always a bad thing. I hope some facts come out before any more actions are taken. I remember how badly the Duke Lacrosse Team issue was handled. Even President Biden has been accused of inappropriate behavior.

  3. Mechafx

    The man has been fired. He may as well have already been tried and convicted.

  4. Jamie Coughlin

    If the worst thing he has done is throw a loud temper trantrum onset I’d say this is an over reaction. It would seem to be more indicative of anger management classes and a warning than firing but of course this is typical of Disney’s treatment of their employees. They excuse horrible behavior and stomp people down for petty things.

  5. Kevin

    Garbage show anyway. He’s better off not being associated with it if they are going to fire him over allegations that havent been proven yet.

  6. Sam

    Not surprised. I saw what he did to Topanga on Boy Meets World.

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