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  1. drew who

    I don’t see what is so controversial over giving the parents the right to choose what sort of sexual education ( if any ) and at what age they feel its appropriate for their children to receive such education . This is what it used to be like . Lets face it though straight sexual education is far more important than LBGTQ because of the risk of unwanted teenage pregnancy . Disney should keep out of this .

    1. James

      This law doesn’t give the parents the right to choose though… You probably read the wrong law.

      1. Name

        Yes it does in the sate of Florida. Look up the state statue.

    2. Lizzy

      The issue with this law is that it is discriminatory. As a mother of a child under grade 3 in Florida, I totally don’t want sexual discussions occuring with my child and I would find the law reasonable if it left it there. However, making it explicitly about sexual orientation and being gay makes it discriminatory. Students with gay parents are now in a bind just to be able to discuss their families.
      Disney had contributed billions of dollars through the years to conservative matters and candidates and was under fire by MANY of its employees and supporters for their involvement in supporting the bill prior to its passing, which is why they were so public in turning their opinion around. Disney was already involved, they just changed course and it ruffled the feathers of our Supreme ruler: DeSantis. Never mind that Disney recently contributed 50000 to his campaign. Also never mind that Disney contributes to Florida communities. In fact, DeSantis really isn’t mad for families at all, he is mad because Disney stopped its future political contributions towards those working on the bill.

  2. Angela

    A right-wing nutcase got relace by a more liberal, sensible person.

    Keep at it DeSatan!

    1. Not a sheep

      Karen temper tantrums are funny.

    2. Louis Cortez

      What? A sensible left wing freak u mean.

    3. Anita

      Good, can he please take the other politicians, liberals, and socialists with him!

  3. Donuts

    Disney has been masterful when conducting business behind the scene. This out in the open Woke Joke BS needs to stop. Maybe the next CEO should be more Right leaning.

    1. Space_Cowboy

      No… they should stay out of politics all together. They need to go back to the basics in operating the company to what Walts vision was.

      1. Wing

        💯 getting into politics was their biggest mistake. Disney is an entertainment company it had no place in politics.

    2. Tiffany

      Have you thought about dropping dead?

  4. Rusty

    Management has lost sight of maintaining the high level of service Disney is known for.
    They have angry employees who interact poorly in their roles.
    They have Chapek, who is no Walt Disney and dissatisfaction has rolled down from the top.
    On my visit in March I saw plenty of MAGAt tee shirts on some of the meanest guests I’ve ever encountered.
    It seems politics have soiled the happiest place on earth.
    I go there to escape for a few days.
    Sadly , until DeSatan decides to do good things for his constituents the state of Florida will be viewed as a hotbed of bigots lost in their 1950s mentality.
    Snap out of it or we will let Bugs Bunny hack off that appendage know as Florida and let float with the other Banana Republics.

  5. Corrie

    This is bad…. We have been a passholder for years but no more we canceled it and knowing that they are not giving any more passholders an opportunity. I don’t care we can make memories other places for my family…. We were just there end of April….it’s a hot mess I’m not gonna explain to my grandchildren why 2 men have their tongues down each other‘s throat‘s. I would expect that even decent married couples would behave themselves in Disney World …. My heart is saddened. Hopefully they can get it together so it’s to Universal we go and we had it blast….

  6. RoC

    Nowhere does it say “dont say gay” it says that teachers are not going to talk sex ed with children up to third grade. Much like religion, that is something to ne taught at home. The “itvtakes a village” crowd wants to usurp parents of their roles and responsibilities and demand the government teachers become the surrogate.

    1. Lizzy

      It says they aren’t going to talk sexual orientation. Not sex. I’ve read the whole thing. I’m a florida parent. It is about being gay. It is discriminatory.

    2. Ryu


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