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  1. Linda Samuel

    I think they should go back to fast pass, the Genie is just another way to take money off people, we’ve been going to Disney for over 40 years and with the cost of everything now I don’t think we will be able to afford it next year, prices are extortionate.

    1. Roman

      20 more bucks breaks your bank to not come to the park? Less people means a better experience for everyone else.

      1. Joseph

        Good lord the lines aren’t shorter… Have u been there?

      2. S.M.

        $20?? Umm, no. It’s per person per ride per day. Yes, for many, especially those with annual passes, this makes it not worth it. I can say that after being a pass holder for over 30 years and deciding not to renew last month. My entire family, including extended family, let our passes expire and we are getting passes for Universal instead. Disney made a very foolish decision to get rid of free fast passes that kept people moving through the parks and made the experience magical. Things that work for Disneyland will not translate to Disney World, just too much of a difference in park attendance.

        1. J

          I get your sentiment and agree that Genie+ feels like a money grab and they should bring back the original fast pass.

          That said Universal is probably not going to be your answer. We were just at all of the parks a couple week ago and universal was by far the busiest. I will never do Universal without having a room/fast passes or vip tour again. We did exactly 1 ride the entire day, simpsons spinning one and it was over an hour wait.

        2. Sherry

          The annual pass-holders are exactly why Genie + needs to stay. It gives vacationers an edge over waiting in line with people who come all the time, and can just come back at another less busy time. When you’ve only got a limited number of days at Disney, you need that edge. We love LL and Genie. Hope it’s stays forever.

          1. Kim Henshilwood

            Most annual passholders won’t wait more than 10 minutes to ride a ride because yes we can come back so don’t blame me for the long lines and sidenote we won’t buy Disney+ or lightning Lane either

          2. Manny

            Troll much Sherry? If that is really your name Russian bot? A

            Annual pass holders seems to a sore spot with you. I have been an annual pass holder for 10 years and have spent a lot of money on property and in the parks.

            Not everyone lives locally and can come every week? Disneyland and Disney World have different demographics. Therefore keeping Genie + as the customer service failure it is may not be an option. You can only bleed people for so long.

        3. Kyal

          No – it’s NOT 20$ per person per day, per ride! It’s 15$ a day person at wdw and $20 at Disneyland. Lightening Lane is up to $20 per ride depending on popularity… please correct the incorrect information you posted. Thanks

      3. Nancy

        It’s not $20 With children!! We had 5. Couldn’t make it work with todays prices. A place for families?? No so much anymore!!!☹️

      4. Kyal

        I’m glad you think so! But, again not true

      5. Dot

        Why are you so rude?

    2. Reggie

      Need to bring back just stand by. Went last year and it was only one line stand by and it was great it moved steadily. No confusion.

    3. R

      Need to bring back just stand by. Went last year and it was only one line stand by and it was great it moved steadily. No confusion.

  2. I wish the genie and lightning passes would end all together, it is too costly for our family of 7, on top of tickets, hotels, parking, food. This makes the wealthier get more rides done while the poor don’t have the same privileges because it isn’t in the budget.

    1. Lol

      Close your legs then.

      1. Dawn

        That was rude and uncalled for. How many kids someone has is none of your business. Besides, a family of 7 could be Aunts/Uncles/Grandparents/Grandchildren…. you do not know the makeup of their family.

  3. Old disney

    Lou you said it right. Right there with you

  4. Christine McNamara

    We purchased 6 Genie + passes when we went in February. They didn’t work on any line. One attraction still required a reservation which we were not told about when we made the purchase. We couldn’t get a refund, we were given Disney gift cards I stead. Great way to make more money and anger visitors

  5. Jean

    I am done with Disney. I grew up down the street, went every year more than once. Had season passes at one time. I’m tired of them squeezing their guests for every cent they can, as well as their political C R A P. Done

  6. Kris

    For someone who’s been throughout the years, I miss the old fast pass ways. There was a max on how many could be sold. I went the week before parks went back to full capacity and it was insane. To reserve a time slot is a complete joke! We had 4 days, the app opens at 7am and every morning we tried to get Slinky Dog and Rose of the Resistance and we’re unsuccessful. We finally got Slinky Dog on day 4, but unfortunately my mom had to head back a day early and didn’t get to ride it. The stand by lines were 180-300 min! That’s insane to pay all this money to maybe ride 2 rides that day. Now to charge extras per ride is baffling, loosing more respect for Disney Corp.

  7. RTeker

    Look on the bright side, that’s ONE lightning lane down. Now if they can do this with EVERYTHING else, right..

  8. CalledIt

    And just remember their homophobie is often a confession then anything else.

  9. Mason

    Just remove it altogether. Since Genie+ or should I say Genie- is a terrible idea.

  10. Andrea Conti

    They charge more than enough for annual passes and daily passes, now you have to pay $40.00 per person per ride, how ridiculous, that is why I only get an annual pass for Universal Orlando. Disney is only about money for bosses. Not workers, and the magic is almost gone. Walt must be turning in his grave over and over.

  11. Madge

    Since i already paid for it for a trip on May 29th, its makes me mad because now its worth nothing. Money, Money Money

  12. John

    All rides should be standby and lanes wide enough to accommodate wheelchairs. Very few Disney rides can handle large volumes of people in short period of time. Every time Disney lets people bypass others who are waiting, it removes the magic and triples their wait time. This is why people are giving up on the greedy corporation that is Disney.

  13. I think this is a horrible idea though I guess Disney and most other parks done poll before they do things because they don’t really care. BG has a disability pass many ASD can’t or won’t use. It’s sick…

  14. Denis

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  15. Rob

    Dang, took my 4 year old on the FIRST day they removed red carpet from genie + 🙁

    We going back weds, will try to get in line early.

    That said, only thing I don’t like about genie + is that they don’t charge more and give even more to those who pay! LOVE the express pass (at universal) and quick queue (at seaworld)! BUT to genie+ defense, my family of 6 got to ride slinky, toy mania, alien saucers, tower of terror, smugglers, AND rise of resistance, all while not arriving to park until after 4pm! Cost us about $180 extra, but we waited NO more than 10 mins for any of those rides! I’ll take it, 🤬 lines 🤷‍♂️

  16. This is a start. How about removing Genie + from a couple more rides at each of the parks. Then at least the standby lanes would move and be fair to everyone.
    In my opinion Disney oversells the time slots.
    I think Disney should double the price to $30 and sell 1/2 as many slots, they will make the same money and have more happy guests.

  17. Bryan

    Disney needs to eliminate Genie Plus and Lightning Lane completely and require that everyone wait in the standby lane, regardless of how affluent they are, with the exception for those with disabilities that qualify for the DAS pass in which they can wait somewhere else. This will make the standby lane move a lot faster.

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