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  1. Charlotte

    I think they should go altogether!

  2. Eliminate it all together, since park reservations are in place… focus on expediting stand by lines. BTW as a Magic Dream🔑 holder I have notices the 20% discounts are not as prevalent , discourages me to spend and .. makes me want to reconsider renewing next year.

  3. Clarifying web site… and stands in eliminating it all together.

  4. lorraine

    I would like to see them go away and go back to the fast pass system and only let people get them when they get to the parks OR give everyone the same amount of time to get them……..This 60 day out deal for one group and 30 days out for the rest of the people is rediculous, all the good ones are gone by then

  5. Anonymous

    If the is true, then so be it.

  6. Disney girl

    I hate the new Genie lightening lane, we are annual passholders with several family members who come from out of town on budgets, its very expensive, on top of trying to get reservations for people visiting and now the lightening lane and all the increase in cost..its a major rip off! Passes went up almost 30% and they took away so much, bring back the fast passes or include lightening lane, what happened to the perks of being a loyal pass holder? Your punishing your loyal folks who love to go..

  7. pvcole

    You know what makes the standby lines move so slowly? Having to stop and let a hundred people cut infront of you because they have Genie or fast pass. Just expedite the standby lines! Surely Imagineers can figure this out

  8. Rteker

    Ty for giving me a mention in the article, I was amazed to see that.

  9. Laurie

    I also want the fastpass back. I am also very upset that only the people in the deluxe resorts can take advantage of the late extra magic hours! Why? We are staying at a moderate resort in September and can only go in the morning for 30 minutes!

    1. JenB

      Eliminate all Genie/lightening lane and fast pass options!! We went last year when there were no such offerings and it was fantastic. The stand-by lines moved steadily and quickly. This Genie nonsense is a greedy way to get more money and is turning off life-long Disney fans. A very sad time for this Disney fan. We will be looking to spend our money elsewhere.

  10. Sharon

    Genie +, LL’s at an extra cost, extra evening for for those stopping in the posh hotels…. It’s all disgraceful and unfortunately a reflection on todays society – the rich get everything they want because the can pay for it, the poorer get nothing. Walt will be turning in his grave. And don’t get me started on the abuse of the DAS system 😡

    1. That should say evening hours 🤦‍♀️

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