Comments for Joe Biden Calls Republicans “Crazy” Over Disney Attacks, “They’re Going to Storm Cinderella’s Castle”

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  1. CalledIt

    Republicans will never get over the fact that Ernie & Bert have been bleeping for decades and had no idea.

    1. USAgent Black

      It took a sick mind to think of that.

  2. Dementia Joe should be more concerned about 79% of Americans think his administration is a failure. His puppet masters and speech writers think we are stupid.

    1. Danielle

      Those are Drumpf’s poll numbers ( that’s his real last name by th way). Drumpf/Trump got us into this economic depression, and President Biden has gotten us out of it with record breaking GDP growth, employment growth. You know when you have such a robust economy, you will have inflation. And gee look at all of the crowds at the parks, and Disney’s record profit – people have money to spend.

      1. chuck

        What kind of drugs are you on .That moron is the cause of everything that is going on now and you voted for him ,How is you gas price and food cost going a long with everything else going up .There now is more people then ever homeless .Stop eating Tide Pods.

        1. CalledIt

          The only one eating tide pods is yourself. Inflation is a worldwide problem and America’s isn’t close to the worse. Try again.

      2. Doctor OZ

        You need to wake up and stop sniffing glue!

      3. JR

        You’re right on all points!
        Danielle. Facts always trump opinions. But truth doesn’t matter to the right, only hateful falsehoods. All their failed attempts at litigating the BigLie of election fraud, bare
        this out because they lacked evidence.
        Thanks for setting the record straight!!!

    2. CalledIt

      Again every accusation by Republicans is a confession. Your cult leader’s brain is bread pudding.

      1. Doctor OZ

        The cult is the Democrat Party! Flip flopping for votes!!

  3. Tony from Virginia

    We as a country are in trouble, We as a people have nothing in common that can hold us together. The left never accepted that Trump won the 2016 election and the right has never accepted that Biden won the 2020 election Now if the Republicans that congress in November how long do you think it will take for them to impeach Biden and do it twice to get even for Trump. I think if Trump wins the White House in 2024 that will be the end of the country. I will bet that California will secede first followed by most of the blue states I hope I’m wrong but I don’t see anything or anybody that could bring us together

  4. USAgent Black

    A thought: what happened to Bidens campaign promises to “reach across the aisle” and “unify this country”? Has he forgotten that too? Calling half the country crazy, and more, isn’t unifying. He lied. Oh, and anyone who thinks that there are voluntarily “gay” children is the one who is crazy, damning, and nowhere near in good standing with Faith.

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