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  1. Jarvis

    At Universal, you will have buses waiting for you everytime at even the lower end resorts of Endless Summer and Cabana Bay and Aventura. That is if you DO NOT stay until the parks all close and head out with the masses to overwhelm the ques. Leave a little early or stay at City Walk for an hour or so after and you won’t wait. Otherwise, shut up, you were warned.

  2. billnyenotascienceguy

    Enjoy your magic!

  3. Bethany

    I agree with this. We had an hour long wait one day from AK lodge, despite the schuedule reading otherwise. When we asked bus drivers that came in on other pickups they had no way to help. We ended up getting a Lyft to get to there.

  4. Anon

    Oh please keep complaining about the wait times next thing you know. Buy a bus pass ON GENIE+ “less lines less crowd exclusive bus service for bus pass members”. Its the next thing I suspect to turn to a paid service.

  5. Anony

    There’s something amazing and FREE to help all the problems at the Mouse House…be smart enough to vote with your wallet and STAY HOME!!!! I know, there aren’t many smart and savvy enough to do this but as long as Bobby PAYCHECK can pack the parks full to capacity, he has zero reason to restore them to the fabulous places they once were!!! They were sparkling clean, amazingly magic, spectacular fun and so much more…only now to be the opposite of these. They won’t fix it bc you all are packing it full to capacity. Love it or leave it!!!!!

    1. Wayne

      You must be a genius

  6. Freqvisitor

    This had absolutely nothing to do with level of resort! This didn’t get terrible until they fully reopened after Covid. We have stayed at every level with the most recent being Beach Club and Fort Wilderness Lodge and the buses were so far and few between we stopped even trying to use then opting for driving our personal vehicle to the parks and Disney Springs. Removes a perk for us but also stops the frustration of the unknown wait and inability to predict if we will even fit on the bus the first one! Resorts that are on Skyliner, Monorail, or have boat shuttles are good choices as we have not had same issues with those but plan your trip so you are selecting the correct resort based on what you plan to do!

  7. Pamela Sagala

    I have to agree with the complaints regarding bus service at Disney, daytime bus service not bad but watch out when it’s nighttime or raining 30-45 minutes. So now we got our Universal tickets, stayed first and second at Endless Resort bus came within 15 minutes but wait one day it was pouring rain we missed the bus but guess what we get in line not only another bus arrives it’s a double so yes I have to give it to Universal hands down

  8. DEANN

    You realize wdw has many more guest’s than Universal,right?
    There is still a shortage of cast members, bus cast members especially.

    1. Deb

      And you realize the bus issue has been around for YEARS!!!!

  9. Karen

    On February 3, my first park day and important birthday (65), I wanted to get on the the first bus to Epcot from Port Orleans French Quarter. I ended up standing in line waiting over an hour. I have orthopedic issues, was traveling solo, and could not leave my place in line to sit down. This long period standing ended up crippling my lower back and, starting a few hours later, I was in so much pain that I could not enjoy anything. From then on I took Uber. After all, I was paying for ILLs to avoid long waits in ride lines that I knew would hurt me, so might as well pay for transportation to the parks.

  10. Marikay Shaw

    We stayed at Caribbean Beach about 8-10 years ago. After waiting for a bus over 30 minutes, we just got in our car and drove to the park. The next day was an even longer wait before we just drove again. After that, we drove every day. My husband told the front desk that there needed to be more busses sent and more frequently and they said that that was the biggest complaint from guests. That was now 8 to 10 years ago! Disney has one of the lowest pay scales and people are not going to work for $15 an hour anymore – especially if they have to deal with angry guests.

  11. Martha

    We stayed at Movies before the pandemic hit, we also stayed at Music the year before. We are in our 70’s not mobility dependent, yet, but standing in long lines, in the hot sun, does take a toll on us, yet, besides the long wait for the bus, upon arriving, those with mobility devices and their families were allowed to board first, thus, leaving minimal seating for the rest of us, making us wait further for other bus’ then the same thing over again. Then once on the bus, families with children took all the seating, while the seniors were made to stand. No one is obligated to give up their seat for those who might need it, but the gesture would have been welcoming for those unsteady on their feet

  12. Deb

    Totally agree WDW bus transportation is terrible. It doesn’t matter what resort you stay at, value to deluxe, I’ve stayed at both types, and each is equally as bad. You also have guests pushing to front of line at resorts who hadn’t been waiting, there should be a queue like when you leave the parks. They may have a shortage of staff now, but there has always been a long wait.

  13. AH

    Was at WDW last year over Thanksgiving and the week after. Only had one small problem with the bus service even though it was extremely crowded the entire time. In years before the crowd level started to drop on Sunday before increasing again on friday.

  14. We should only white poeple on the busses, the people of colour should have to walk for causing trouble in the parks

    1. billnyenotascienceguy

      You’re an ass.

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