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Disney Pirates of the Caribbean Copyright lawsuit

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  1. Sue

    If Johnny Depp does not lead the role, it’s the end of the movie as we loved it.
    They won’t get my money!!!

    1. Rita Byford

      If Johnny is replaced you will be losing $$….It won’t be the same and I will not even watch it ….as others I hope…He makes the movie…along with Orlando an original cast….His personal life is his own an there his side..her side…an the truth…We know some women are spiteful and she’s after blood an money…Im a woman and agree or not…Depp is Capt Jack….We Love You…

    2. Debbi

      Screw you Disney. You made your choice on hearsay. Now you can pay the consequences. Hopefully, you’ll bankrupt & learn a damn lesson!!

      1. J. Marten

        Team Johnny!

        I won’t pay for another Pirate movie without Johnny. Female lead or another guy won’t cut it!!

        PutJac Sparrow merchandise back!!

        1. Alan

          Who wants to see an LGBTQ Margot Robbie in pirates ? NOBODY.
          Johnny Depp IS pirates of the Caribbean… And furthermore, why does every fn film have to have gay characters??? ENOUGH ALREADY

        2. Shelley

          There is no way I would want to see another Pirates movie without Johnny Depp, and I believe that enough people feel the same way that if they continue without him the movie will bomb most embarrassingly, and most deservedly. It can never be as good a story without its iconic hero. Disney is just hoping to make a book off their ill advised decision to dump him. They disgust me.

          I think we don’t want them to put Jack Sparrow merchandise back. It mostly makes money for Disney, those idiots.

    3. Joan

      I don’t give 1cent out without Johnny in this Films.

      1. Jessica

        Ingen Johnny, ingen kapten Jack Sparrow! Johnny är bästa kaptenen. Kommer inte se den utan honom.

        1. Karen

          Take Depp out and lose millions
          Won’t see another Pirates movie. Leave Robbie out. We want Depp as Jack Sparrow.

    4. Agung

      Double jackpot !
      got $ both from court & disney…

  2. Sue

    Johnny or nothing!!

    1. Veda Mason

      If you make pirates without Johnny you are sunk..he is Pirates….
      I wont give you my money..
      Remember he made that movie great. Not you

  3. Alp

    If Depp isn’t Sparrow I’m done watching pirates!

    1. Benito De Soto

      Johnny will never never return to Disney. Sparrow is dead.

  4. Johnny Depp made that part. No one. No one could ever take that from him nor should they take that from him. It would be the stupidest move that company makes if they take him out of it

  5. Kory

    No Depp, no franchise.

  6. Deborah

    Disney has lost all respect in their treatment of Johnny Depp. What happened to innocent until proven guilty!! Instead they thought it was in favor to drop him. How about putting some faith in the man that made Captain Jack Sparrow come to life and all the financial gains that you made off of his spectacular talent!! When this defamation suit is completed and his name is cleared, I don’t blame him in the least for not returning to Disney. I for one will stand behind him, no matter how sad the situation is.

  7. Gigas

    As it is right now, I will not be seeing the Margot pirates movie, because there is absolutely no way to replace Captain Jack Sparrow. If Disney absolutely confirms Johnny will be returning to the Pirates movies and I see a trailer with him in it, then see the movie itself and Captain Jack Sparrow is still one of the main focuses of the movie, then I might, just might see the Margot pirates movie.

  8. Michelle

    The only person who is Jack Sparrow is Jonny Depp!! No one else will do! I will never watch a new “Pirates “ ever, unless Johnny Depp is back!! He makes the role! Amber gets one day that was bad for him on video and people want to “Cancel “ him. That is just wrong!

    1. Eileen

      Bring back Depp as Jack Sparrow and hire Amber Heard as the evil villain (pay her scale).
      Blockbuster. *drops mike*

    2. Nettie

      Disney is making a big mistake. Condemning the man before the end of the trial. Will never watch or purchase another Disney pirate movie again.

      1. Piper

        I totally agree. Can we just keep things they way they have been. If it isn’t broke don’t fix it. Johnny Depp is Capt.Jack Sparrow and he doesn’t need to turn trans or non binary or anything like that. Disney is just going “woke” and it will go broke doing so.

  9. John Sanchez

    We all want Johnny back as Jack Sparrow. Nobody can replace him and he’s been known to be a good souk deep inside.Please,bring him back!!

    1. Likescountry114

      I am in agreement with many that have posted here….Johnny Depp is the epitome of Jack Sparrow! He created Jack Sparrow and no one can replace him! Johnny IS Jack Sparrow!

  10. April L Peterson

    how about bring back depp and fire the producer?

  11. None

    Why would he come back after the way they treated him. After all he had done for them. He use to go to the park at least 3 times a month and in some cases once every week. They contract leashed him all over the world then after all that. Oh u supposedly did this wow.. well your contract was getting expensive good bye.

    1. Michael Olsson

      MR Depp is captain
      Jack Sparrow.
      Mike from Sweden.

  12. Robin

    I wouldn’t blame him for not going back as Capt Jack. He made the character and made the most enjoyable movies. What they are doing to him is wrong!!!!! Disney/Bruckheimer sure have messed this up! I won’t be watching the new one if he’s not in it!

  13. Rhonda

    No Johnny Depp no Disney anything from my household!!!

  14. Steve

    Pirates can’t continue without Depp. I wouldn’t watch it!

    1. Roy

      Disney has been dead to me for years now. And with a lot of the BS they been doing lately that just makes them more dead. I wouldn’t blame Deep if he told them all fo after the way he’s been treated. The new pirate’s movie without Deep wil end up being like the all girl Ghostbusters movie I won’t waste my time with it.

  15. Jennifer

    Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow is one of the most iconic and perfectly cast roles in movie history. I have never been able to get enough of him in the Pirates movies. Disney is making a huge mistake if they think he can be replaced. He cannot. Johnny Depp IS Captain Jack Sparrow.

  16. Bob

    AH…. NOPE! You crucified him with zero evidence now you see your mistake and you realize all the money your going to lose! Love Johnny Depp & Capt.Jack but I hope he yells you too pack sand!
    F Disney

  17. McLeod

    Depp said he wouldn’t return even for $300 mill. Without Depp, PotC will flop horribly. He made that series the success it is. I look forward to Disney losing money on their pathetic attempt to continue the series without him

  18. Ahdawantazalam

    That a good thing

  19. Mike

    Johnny Depp RULES Jack Sparrow!!! Bring him back at all cost!

  20. Kamila adari

    No Johnny no money for disney

  21. Lorelei

    Disney had better be prepared for a MAJOR monetary loss!!!! Not to mention the PROTESTS at any theater that shows it!!!!!!! Johnny Depp IS Jack Sparrow and CANNOT BE REPLACED!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Diane

      I am with you all the way…

  22. Monique

    Johnny made this role. He needs to stay! I am only paying if he is in it!

    1. Jay

      I doubt Johnny would even return to Disney after what they did to him…let Disney pay for their mistake

  23. Debbra

    If everyone was to boycott the movie and save the money in one account, we could fund projects to change the world for the better.
    I say we start with Aquaman 2.

  24. Robert

    I would tell my family and friends do not see the movie

  25. Will

    Without Johnny Depp in the franchise, I won’t be spending my money on the movie. Johhny is the movie and nothing less.

  26. Tracy Anderson

    Unfortunately Disney is not surviving off one character or one movie. I think it is very crappy the way they treated Depp and I have lost respect for the Disney Brand name, but they are much too big (corporate wise and monetary wise) to feel hardship over the loss of Depp. History has shown that as time passes something else big will hit the news and people will forget this story. People will return to normalcy and play Disney movies once again in their living rooms.

    1. Connie

      Oh but little do you know that the pirates franchise is a very large part of Disney parks money making as well. The fans spend a large amount of money on that area more than any other of the theme park. It ranks right up there next to Star Wars. The difference being that the Star Wars memorabilia is easy more expensive and requires there own ride ques to get into many of them.
      In the end, the POTC franchise goes way beyond just buying a movie ticket. It’s way bigger than that. It WILL hurt Disney’s bottom line and they are really struggling right now as it is. Their stock is dropping daily which isn’t good. Personally, I own stock and wish like the devil I had sold it before they made this stupid decision. I’m praying that something good will happen so I can recoup at least some of the money that has been lost.

  27. Eileen

    Bring back Depp as Jack Sparrow and hire Amber Heard as the evil villain (pay her scale).
    Blockbuster. *drops mike*

  28. Jodi


  29. Andrea

    Theres no pirates of the Caribbean without Johnny Depp!It will flop.No one will watch it.I understand why he wouldn’t want to even consider after being yanked off for false allegations.

  30. The jack

    Without Jhonny there is no jack. and honesty Disney is still making money off Jhonny he should sue them indeed

  31. Jeremy

    Without Depp there cannot be a pirates of the Caribbean least not one I will watch

  32. Kelly

    My family,s family n their family’s family will not watch POC without Depo as he is CJS …. They jumped the gun over words— Depo has been loyal worked hard on n off set for them n it is horrible how they have responded n treated him!

  33. CAT

    Om Johnny byts ut kommer jag att bojkotta Disney för all framtid

  34. Thomas Wilson

    Johnny Depp is the only reason anyone kept coming back to watch the franchise in the first place! Margo Robbie replace Johnny Depp?! Are they f**king kidding?! Everyone has been finding more and more reasons to hate “Woke” Disney because of their executive decision to “gay up” their content and their properties! I’ll never spend any of my money 💰 watching their movies or buying tickets to “Woke” Disney World

  35. Anne- Kristine

    Det ska vara Johnny Depp i pirates of Caribbean som Jack Sparrow han är den som passar bäst i filmen

  36. George

    Heck No !!! I’m not wasting my money to see this. Not a single dollar. Depp revived the PotC ride in Disney. Disney was disrespectful for dropping Depp to begin with.

  37. stacia L Cook

    Cut Johnny, cut all his fans. Lose millions. They basically stuck their foot in their mouths with this one. Now he said he’d never go back. Yall messed up big. Really big.

  38. Liz

    #nojohnnynopirates it’s that simple. He’s the one that made Jack Sparrow come to life and does more than he should. Bad choice Jerry and Disney you will lose out on millions. I’m not watching Margot or future Pirates without JD. #BOYCOTTPIRATES

  39. Colleen

    No Johnny Depp, no watching any more Pirates movies!
    Disney took the word of a lying manipulative woman without proof. Johnny was the one who was abused by Amber Turd, but the other way around!
    Men are victims/survivors, too!
    You showed your true colors Disney! Not getting my money anymore for any of your products from here forward!

  40. No name

    As much as I love Johnny as this role, I think it’s completely fair for Johnny to drop Disney. Justice for Johnny Depp

  41. Gregory

    Bad move to try to make another Pirates of the Caribbean without Johnny Depp. No one will waste their money on a hollow movie.

  42. Mary

    I will never watch privates if there is no Johnny Depp.
    He made that movie.

  43. Angela

    This movie will be the same if doesn’t play lead and will lose viewers. It will be a big mistake for this franchise.

    1. Angela

      I mean it will not be the same.

  44. Rose baker

    There is no pirates of the Caribbean without Johnny Depp. Will not watch any pirates without Johnny Depp

  45. Charlene S.

    Disney better offer Johnny Depp a WHOLE LOT OF MONEY and BEGG Johnny to play Captain Jack Sparrow. If Johnny’s not in it I WON’T watch it, I’ve already canceled my Disney Subscription for dropping Johnny in the movie. I could tell that Amber Heard was only using Johnny Depp, his kids saw right through the little viper, hope he will listen to his kids & sister when it comes to any relationship he gets into.
    Disney stop putting gay’s in your movies and shows for kids, that’s not the trash I want my kids watching. That’s ADULT matter for ADULTS NOT CHILDREN.

  46. Nicole Parker

    No to Margot! Nothing against her, but Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) IS the Pirates franchise & Disney just lucked out being the financial recipients of his amazing work & going above & beyond what any character would do (outside of the films & red carpets). Disney still profits off of the theme park, rides, merchandise, etc. JD got screwed!!!

  47. Karen

    There is only one Jack Sparrow , Johnny Depp. His personal life is his own.. He has created an Iconic character Jack Sparrow of which is his alone no one can replace him . Johnny Depp has earned this Right ,and Disney give the Man ,the character back to Mr Depp.

  48. Shirley Barker

    No one can play Jack Sparrow. Johnny Depp is Jack Sparrow. Keep personal life quiet, and let Johnny Depp get back to doing what he does best, making movies. I have every one of his movies on DVD. After Clark Gable, Johnny Depp, sorry I’m an old timer, is the tops.

    1. Penny Douglas

      I feel the same way you do Shirley. I have all the dvds too. I also am am old timer but Captain Jack Sparrow aka Johnny Depp makes me smile.

  49. Shelley

    There is no way I would want to see another Pirates movie without Johnny Depp, and I believe that enough people feel the same way that if they continue without him the movie will bomb most embarrassingly, and most deservedly. It can never be as good a story without its iconic hero. Disney is just hoping to make a book off their ill advised decision to dump him. They disgust me.

  50. Penny Douglas

    Johnny Depp is Captain Jack Sparrow !! No one is like him! There is no Pirates of the Carribean without him! Please bring him back!

  51. Carrie

    No Johnny Depp…no Pirates. Only one Capt. Jack Sparrow. Disney is going down the tubes. Only money Disney gets from me will be From Pirates with Johnny Depp and nothing more.

  52. Rebecca

    If Johnny Depp doesn’t return as Jack Sparrow, I won’t be watching another pirates of the Caribbean! No one can replace him!

  53. Tonia

    If Johnny Depp is Out I will not watch anything of Disney’s Ever Again!… Your Making a HUGE MISTAKE DISNEY!..

  54. Paula

    I Definitely Agree
    Johnny Depp All The Way

  55. carol Ainsworth

    Jonny Depp or nothig he is his creation Jack Sparrow, the wonderful little bird,

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