Comments for Secret Conversations With Disney Execs Reveal Why Depp Lost ‘Pirates’

Jack Sparrow in between two other men

Credit: Disney


  1. Mike

    It a shame that Depp won’t continue as Jack Sparrow. As for the trial, it is now crystal clear that Depp has been the victim of narcissistic abuse.

    1. Judy

      I’m 100% with you and Johnny. As a real victim of domestic violence, I could see right through her lies and manipulation. I really hope he wins this case.

      1. patricia a yeager

        please come back to capt Jack Sparrow — Johnny Depp!!! you are the only one who can fill that role!!

      2. Johhny you are Captain Jack Sparrow.please don’t let him die over a woman

      3. LISTEN UP…The SUN Owes JOHNNY DEPP an APOLOGY. AMBER HEARD Admitts Hitting DEPP on AUDIO and STATES NOONE will BELIEVE HIM Because HE is a MAN. HEARD Should be in PRISON for ASSAULT. SHE Disabled DEPP. SHE Makes the WICKED WITCH of the WEST Look NICE. From SamuraiQueen. 😄😄😄😇😇😇

      4. Robin

        Disney should be ashamed, that didn’t check facts. Men can be abused and they penalized him for it.

    2. Victor Nazarian

      I wonder if people remember the Duke Lacrosse Team and the rush-to-judgement bandwagon being driven by false accusations and a corrupt media in collision with a dishonest, politically driven, now disgraced, disbarred prosecutor.

    3. Jo

      I agree, Johnny Depp is a lovely guy, heard is guilty of abuse and a narcissist like Meghan marble. Hope Depp wins this trial, it’s a no brainer

      1. Johnny Depp is Jack Sparrow!! End of Topic!!
        I will not watch a Pirates of the Caribbean without Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow. I hope there are others who do the same. Disney and Jerry are making a very costly decision…..just saying.

    4. Vicki Lee Reynolds

      Shame on Disney first of all firing him without even knowing the whole story that’s the problem I don’t blame Johnny for not returning he is jack Sparrow he made that movie great and you guys fired him I loose respect for Disney now and I promise so many will not go to see. The sixth movie without. Johnny in it. You should of found out the whole story face it I’m sure you guys saw bruises on him let’s be real you had to see he was hurting or do you all not care. I will always love Johnny Depp and you guys made tons of money off this man unbelievable he has no Oscars for his remarkable movies shame on Disney u lose this me

      1. Celia

        I totally agree

  2. Pocho Villa

    I thought the current trial was the sequel because Depp is using his Jack Sparrow’s voice. It should be called Pirates of The Caribbeans – Attack of the Me-Me-Mera Monster. LOL

  3. Brandi

    Johnny Depp made pirates of the Caribbean a better movie. I will not watching any more of the Pirates of the Caribbean or Fantastic Beast movies. I am not the only one. JOHNNY DEPP is my favorite actor. It’s a shame he is going through all this. Disney messed up big time letting him go.

    1. Jane Doenut

      I’m watching the current FB knowing I won’t be watching any future installments because of JD.

      1. Judy

        Absolutely agree. No more money from me to Disney for this and other reasons.

  4. Charlie

    Johnny Depp is the true victim here.The ex wife admits to “slapping” Johnny. Disney, Warner Bros., and JK Rowling should be ashamed of themselves. They found him guilty before he could prove his innocence.

    1. drew who

      Actually JK Rowling has been pretty supportive of Johnny Depp ,

      When he was first cast as Grindelwald, Rowling released a statement making her support for the actor clear. She wrote how she understood how some fans may have trepidation about Depp coming into the franchise, but she also claimed, “For me personally, the inability to speak openly to fans about this issue has been difficult, frustrating and at times painful. However, the agreements that have been put in place to protect the privacy of two people, both of whom have expressed a desire to get on with their lives, must be respected. Based on our understanding of the circumstances, the filmmakers and I are not only comfortable sticking with our original casting, but genuinely happy to have Johnny playing a major character in the movies.”

      The reason he has been removed from the Fantastic Beasts and Pirates of the Caribbean franchises is down to the woke suits at Warner Bros and Disney . I think their actions will backfire on them . It looks like the Fantastic Beasts films franchise isn’t going ahead when originally it was meant to be 5 movies and I suspect the next Pirates of the Caribbean film will not be a success without Depp .

  5. drew who

    I doubt future Pirates of the Caribbean movies will be anywhere near as successful without Johnny Depp in them . Captain Jack Sparrow played by Depp is the main reason much of the audience watch them . Without him its a bit like having the Pink Panther movies without Peter Sellers as Clouseau.

  6. It’s really hard for a man to admit they’re being abused. Johnny is doing it for the little guy if they are being abused by their wives to come out and get help. Johnny is taking one for the team, the mens team and he said yeah to heard. I’ve met , seen and known women like heard. Let me tell you, they are not nice helpless women they would lead you to believe. You start to resent them and hate them cause you know what will happen to you if you come to hitting them. Johnny knew this that’s why he never hit her. Instead he took it until he couldn’t any longer. So Johnny is innocent.

  7. So even if he did say those things about miss heard, it was because that build up of resentment and hate towards her because of all the BS thrown at him from this woman. Johnny said he wasn’t going back to the franchise even if they offered him a ton of money. I don’t blame him. In their eyes he already guilty until proven innocent. Isn’t that supposed to be the other way around? I hope Johnny learned his lesson. Never marry a woman that goes both ways cause she will always always go the other way instead of staying with a man. I don’t care what anybody else says. Why do you think this woman is so abusive towards men? She probably had a bad experience with another man when she younger this is why she’s been women. She saw an opportunity with a big successful star 🤑🤑🤑

    1. Lexi

      Please don’t generalize bi-women. Her sexuality has nothing to do with the situation.
      It’s ugly and ignorant.

      1. Bob the Kid

        The only ignorant people are those that dont know the bible. He said these people are reprobate = rejected. They can never go to heaven. Its sad this was known for generations and now the idea of boys are girls etc are destroying generations.

        1. Dollface

          Go away


          Bob the Kid; EXACTLY!

      2. Atie

        Takes two tango and looks like these two proper tangoed.

    2. R.

      She was supposedly also abusive towards her ex-wife.

    3. Dollface

      “I hope Johnny learned his lesson”

      Nice victim shaming.


      People NEED to read the BIBLE; The minute she went both ways was the beginning of her demise. Bi females or whatever they call themselves, hate men for one reason or another. PERIOD.
      Probably daddy issues.

      1. Vince

        Go to bed, grandma. It’s not 1950 anymore. This article has nothing to do with your old fashioned bigoted opinions on concenting adults who are in good relationships. Stick to the subject or go to bed.

      2. Brid

        Fellow Christian here and your bigoted attitude is so disappointing. Jesus came here to teach us to love one another and be kind, and went out of his way to show kindness and inclusion to those that society had marginalised. If he were here today he would do the same to everyone regardless of race, religion, gender (or non-binary), sexuality etc. Don’t forget that the bible was written by many different scribes, sometimes hundreds of years later. Many had a political motive (or sought power) and keeping the people divided is the best way to control the populace and maintain this. But if you look at Jesus’ direct teachings, words and actions these are all based on love. Take a hard look in the mirror and ask what He would think of your judgemental and prideful attitude.

  8. Elizabeth

    I am with Johnny. Always have been. I love the pirates movies. But unless they are going to make one with will turner coming home and more mischief, I will NOT watch another one. Johnny is jack sparrow and can not be replaced. Hollywood needs to deeply apologize.

    1. Dollface

      Not even if Orlando Bloom comes back.

  9. Ileana

    I never thought Johnny was guilty of what Amber Turd said. I’m glad he took her to court. She’s obviously not a nice person. Disney and everyone else that cancelled Depp owe him an apology. Hopefully Ms.Turd won’t be in anymore movies.


      Ileana; I’M WITH YOU!

  10. Kelly

    Disney made a Huge mistake “Huge” letting go of Johnny!! They should have had his back right out the gate!! Johnny made them millions from the Caribbean movies and then they never gave him a chance!! Shame on you Disney!!! you blew it big time!! There will never ever be another to take Captain Jack sparrows place!!! All I can say is wow where was your loyalty to Mr.Depp?? you suck!!!…

    1. Kay

      Hello, I totally agree with you and as having small children who do not understand all this but, we will no longer have anything for Disney how dare they judge him before hand very disturbing as a victim of the same personality disorder they have wrecked my life this disorder needs to be hospitalized they should not be allowed to be out in the real world. They are the worst type of people to have in your life.

      1. R.

        I get what you’re saying, but that is harsh. Some ppl with BPD know how to manage it & keep it in check. It really comes down to mind over matter. One can’t go around in life thinking I have this & these are my symptoms to this disorder & it gives them to act a certain way. It takes a lot of work to get there & it is possible. I’m sorry you’ve been hurt, but they don’t need locked up they need to be trained and retaught.

  11. Anne

    Many offers ,prayers up for blessings to Johnny Depp! Too bad for the shemale that defamed him! 💗

  12. No Magic At All

    Y’all getting lazy with your articles. Lot of filler to state something we knew years ago.

  13. Emma - Lou

    Pirates of the Caribbean IS Johnny Depp. Without him they might as well not bother with the thing because it will flop. It’s disgusting that he was deemed as guilty before he was proven either way. Amber Hurd is a disgrace and as someone who has genuinely been the victim of domestic abuse I find it disgusting what she has done and what she has subjected him to. I sincerely hope that Johnny Depp wins this case and has all of his and many many more film roles reinstated. As for Amber, I hope she never works again. She is a vicious, poisonous and lying disgrace and doesn’t deserve anything.

  14. CA

    Amber Heard is trash, pure trash. I hope her career ends as well, but tbh I don’t even know what roles she has played. Must not have been as prolific as Depp.

  15. Karanna

    Product placement with awful.
    I feel sorry for everyone that is paying more attention to this aspect of the judicial system instead of their own.

  16. Lisa Brown

    Disney is making a huge mistake. I just sold my Disney stock and will not be watching their movies again.
    Obviously not making the best choices for the company.

  17. Kim

    It is EXTREMELY obvious that Amber Heard is a very volatile person, and I personally have no doubt that she was not only physically violent towards him but that she provoked him. Why else would there be recordings of her taunting him and laughing at his distress?

    1. Lexi

      I loved the character Johnny built and want to see his reputation restored, but honestly after 5 movies it’s probably time to move on anyhow.
      Actors of his caliber don’t stay in the same roles for too long.
      I’m excited to see the new art her will create once he can put all of this behind himself.

      1. R.

        It’s from my understanding that Johnny was wanting to bring the franchise to an end at the right timing and leave on good terms, but this nightmare ruined it.

  18. Steve

    Truly love the Franchise !

    Will not be watching …

    Bye Disney

  19. Jon Smith

    I support Johnny Depp. I too will not support or watch any future POTC movies without JD. I will not support Disney either. They acted too fast on this. They judged JD as guilty until proven innocent. We’ll see how this goes.

  20. PB

    Disney make a big mistake of finding Johnny Depp guilty and dropping him. It’s obvious that he was the abused party. I hope he can heal after all of this.

  21. Patti

    Been following the trial closely and it’s very obvious Johnny Depp has been unfairly dragged through the mud. Even though he had some issues of his own, as far as abuse goes, he was on the receiving end for a long time. I don’t blame him for not wanting to work with Disney anymore. As he said, Disney continued to have his character on attractions and sell Jack Sparrow merchandise. You can’t have it both ways, but they don’t seem to care. It’s all about money.

  22. Jaxx

    Screw Disney

  23. Flush the Turd already

    Shame on disney.
    Pirates of the Caribbean will NEVER be the same; Johnny Depp made the movie; Johnny Depp is the ONE AND ONLY CAPTAIN JACK SPARROW!

  24. Michael

    It’s not the first Stupid thing Disney has done….
    I’m am Done seeing all Disney Shows and Movies…
    They get you hooked on a character and then stick there nose into that
    character’s business . I hope they loose tons of money…

  25. Jacy

    I for one, am tired of this “circus,” of a trial. The courtroom is just another stage, or movie set for both of them. JD and AH are both at fault for their violent, drug and alcohol ridden relationship. I don’t feel sorry for either one. They both have their careers, that they need to repair, and they both are financially secure. Move on. Not wasting anymore of my time on this.

  26. Lori

    Disney, no one will watch the Pirates of the Caribbean without Johnny Depp in it! No one!!

  27. Interesting that no other women have ever said Johnny was abusive….

  28. Jarvis

    How about casting Stacy Abrams as the main pirate?

    She is fat, black and woke. She can wobble around on a peg leg eating fried chicken. She can blame white men for making her fat, then steal the election to make herself the head pirate. Go ahead Disney, steal it, I have more ideas.

    1. Nola Rue

      You suck Jarvis grow the hell up Stacy Abrams has nothing to do with this. Supporting Johnny Depp is the story and he is not about hurting any fan no matter the color or race and direct that hate to the WHITE Man in charge of Disney and the WHITE abusive women who put her hands on Johnny and isn’t in jail for it STFU

  29. Gina Edwards

    I think that if the speculation is true,that Depp was dropped (maybe Disney knew the op-ed was coming out? It didn’t get written overnight), the Jerry Bruckheimet and Disney have a moral obligation to testify to that fact. Same with Warner dropping him as Mads. An thinly veiled accusation is NOT the same as a full-on in-court domestic violence case

  30. Celia

    No Johnny, no Jack Sparrow

  31. Tammy

    In my opinion Amber Heard has lied and defamed Johnny Depp. She is crazy and needs to be an outcast from the entertainment business! I will never watch aqua man ( even though I love Jason Momoa). But if she is in it I will boycott it! She makes me sick as a fellow woman who has ACTUALLY BEEN ABUSED! It’s not cute to try to get famous on a lie that hurts people. She is a disgusting woman and her lies make me furious!

  32. Clare

    I totally agree!No Pirates of the Carribean is complete with Johnny Depp!! Captain Jack Sparrow and Johhny Depp are the tantamount to what makes one of these movies work!! We need Johnny Depp!! Boo to Amber Heard for dping this to his carreer!!

  33. Karen

    SHAME ON DISNEY!! I WONT BE WATCHING IT,terrible how they dropped him just like that …hasn’t even been found guilty…well disney..your about to loose a whole lot of money…enjoy the ride!! I stand behind johnny!

  34. William

    Crash and burn Disney! You turned your back on Johnny Depp without letting justice prove his innocence!

  35. Dollface

    “Publically”??? Wtf edits this bs?

  36. Sherry

    Nola Rue and Tammy I agree wholeheartedly with both of you. What person “in their right mind” constantly takes pictures and videos of a person they are supposedly in love with and uses them for her own personal gain. She was probably setting this all up so she could cash in because of who he is. She needs a lot of therapy. I actually never heard of her before she married Johnny. I certainly hope the jury finds him not guilty because of the lies and deceptions that she is. By the way, she never donated that money she said she was going to.

  37. Mickeymouse3

    Why would JD want to go back to anything Disney? They clearly turned their back on him before getting all the facts and/or letting them play out in court. Disney once again listened to the louder, minority groups and made him walk the plank.
    R.I.P. Capt. Jack Sparrow. Anyone else portraying this role is simply a poser.

  38. R.M. Reid

    Short-sighted disney and warner bros. execs took the cowardly way out. They dropped Johnny on the false words of an English rag, sun (Rupert Murdoch, Fox News) and a scam trial where the judge was in their back pockets. Boycotting disney !

  39. Anthony Mitchell

    I’ve Canceled my Disney account and will never watch Disney again unless they publicly apologize to Johnny Depp. It’s a shame to loose such a great actor.

  40. Casey

    Disney better have him back and at greater pay or I will ban Disney

  41. Johnny Depp is Jack Sparrow!! End of Topic!!
    I will not watch a Pirates of the Caribbean without Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow. I hope there are others who do the same.

  42. A.Price

    I believe Heard has been after Depp’s self-made empire since day one! She’s been wanting to “own” his fans for herself!
    What better way than to use his own weaknesses against him?
    She claims PTSD: but doesn’t react like a true PTSD victim. She doesn’t turn away from him! Instead, she power-plays by dressing similarly, she doesn’t ask to leave the courtroom to avoid hearing Depp’s rehashing of their volatile events! She doesn’t even full break down.
    She faces the into cameras with confidence!
    It sounds to me, that she also used his own weaknesses against him! While he’s already inebriated, instead of leaving the house or get out of the room he’s venting in, she stays in there with him! Instead of consoling him or helping him to at least get calmer, she starts pushes his emotional buttons even further! Now her videos occur! He’s primed for them!
    What caring wife does this?
    Why fake bruises?
    Why a restraining order but giggling after receiving it?
    If she really loved him:
    She’d be emotionally breaking with crying & shakes! Her married life has reached a huge downward slope!
    Who giggles after something soo pivotal as this?
    She’s basically very jealous of how much more Jack Sparrow is more adored & famous than any of her own characters! She’s a true Narcissist!

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