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Dave Chappelle

Credit: Netflix


  1. drew who

    The LBGTQ community seems to be full of militants and extremists .

    All this guy has proven with this attack is that trans people are mentally unstable .

    1. Michelle

      Yes, the LGBT community is full of people who are mentally unstable and who often have been abused or will be (children). ABC news, which is owned by Disney, glorified a drag kid named Desmond is Amazing. This boy performed in a gay bar for money, pretended to sniff drugs while sitting next to a drag queen on a couch, and did an interview with a man named Michael Alig who served time in prison for manslaughter. Alig died of drug overdose. Discovery plus has a show coming out called Generation Drag which glamorizes teen and tween boys becoming drag queens. What would you think of a young girl in a bar performing for money? This show is no different, and I hope it gets taken off the air like the Netflix show Cuties did. Disney pandering to this behavior with children is vile and disgusting. Hocus Pocus 2 is going to have drag queens.

  2. JayArnold

    “It was a trans man!” LOL!!!!!!!!

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