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  1. The Patriot

    I would fire him too, what a buffoon

    1. Bored

      You would fire him for what? Not having the same political opinion as you?

  2. MAGA

    No, he didn’t get fired because he was a conservative, he got fired because he was an idiot. There is the wrong way of doing things and the right way of doing things, he did it the wrong way.

  3. EricJ

    Yep, that he was–
    And if he’s planning Da Freeze Peach, he should know ahead of time that it would Constitutionally support Disney. Aka, the Boss.

  4. Bren

    Really all I’m seeing is someone claiming to have been fired for their “political” views. Would be interested to see what was truly posted instead of, well, let’s use the famous line now from Amber’s attorney, “hearsay”. Truthfully it would not surprise me if this so called fired person was actually posting a lot more regarding hate and bigotry than political views. I know of someone who was fired from a job here in Virginia for what they called their “political” views. Needless to say it was more KKK oriented, not so much political. So tired of people using “political views” as justification to promote racism and bigotry. Big difference between the two. Just my two cents. But all things considered, I highly doubt it was just his “political” views which obviously he had as public instead of private for all the world to see.

  5. Jamie Coughlin

    If that was the only reason he was fired then it is ridiculous. Assuming he did not come out and incite violence or use actual hate speech he should not be fired for posting his own opinion on his own time. Nobody should unless that is a specific condition of his employment when he was hired. Disney has already shown that its liberal employees can spew as much hate and violence as they want without censure. For some reason Disney (and probably other corporations) think it can alienate half the population of the country and prosper. It is learning right now that it might not. Serves them right.

  6. Bxmamipr712

    I don’t support either side. But just as much as you support LGBTQ+ and BLM, you have to let others have their opinions. It Is there first amendment rights. If we keep going like this we will lose this freedom. As long as either side isn’t violent, who cares? Let them be them, you don’t have to hang out with them. How do people get “offended” on social media. You don’t know that person.

  7. Dan

    He does not provide any proof for his claim as to why he was fired. It’s a self-proclomation with no evidence to support the claimed conclusion as far as I can tell. In addition, generally employees fired for cause are ineligible to collect unemployment so his statement that he collected unemployment seems to undercut his for cause termination claim.

  8. SCOTT m Lee-ROSS

    There are a few things here to remember.
    1 Anti-discrimination laws protect an employer from firing you due to your religion.
    2 Anti-discrimination laws do not protect you from firing due to your political views.
    3 The First Amendment protects you from the GOVERNMENT discriminating against you for your political views, but does not protect you from discrimination by private citizens or companies.

    All that being said, the ex-employee, if he was fired for his political views, probably should have been fired. He obviously was not the brightest bulb, since his twitter is full of false statements that are just plain factually incorrect.

  9. drew who

    I doubt being a Conservative is enough to get you fired at Disney . However if you go down the rabbit hole of crazy right wing conspiracy theories like Gina Carano or you end up posting extremist far right messages on social media under you own name then I can see how someone could get their employment terminated .

    However Disney does not seem to be even handed in this because not only do they not terminate the employment of far left extremists they seem to promote them to positions of authority . That in my opinion is the biggest injustice about all this .

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