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  1. Walt

    Brayden is spot-on with his comments, no big surprise the ultra-Disney kids don’t agree… they’re happy with whatever Disney makes them pay for, just as long as Disney tells them it’s okay.

  2. EricJ

    Normally, I’d put this in the category of 00’s fans blaming Michael Eisner for every mistake Paul Pressler was making, just because we wanted Eisner out, and didn’t care WHAT we blamed on him.
    (Or, wait, showing “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” 7 nights a week on ABC actually was Eisner’s fault, wasn’t it?)

    But when it’s dopey insensitive cost-cutting, like getting rid of the Photopass photographers, or kissing up to the rich folk, like only giving after-hours events to the DVC’ers, we all sigh, look at each other and say “….What’s that smell? Oh, yes: Chapek.”

  3. Nothing cheapskate does surprises me

  4. Brooke

    I can attest to this 100%. I was just at WDW last week, it was hot outside and warm inside. The Cast Members were all sweating in the stores. I thought it was just me, until I started asking the CM’s. What a brilliant idea, make the stores and restaurants so miserable that we can’t wait to get out, and not buy anything. The outlet stores, by the way, are full of current merchandise, for a fraction of the price. This includes Galaxy’s Edge collectables sold at Dok Ondar’s, discounted below $20. LOL. And having gone to WDW 4 times this year, I do not see people carrying shopping bags like they used to in the past. Chapek is charging us more than ever, and giving us less. People can’t afford to buy merch too. Chapek will squeeze every last dollar out of us, for every aspect of the park-going and hotel experience. He will run on the shortest staff possible, all while giving us and the Cast Members the very, very least. Chapek has got to go. He has performed poorly with respect to the stock, and worst of all in public opinion. I don’t know of another CEO who is despised as much as Chapek is, the most recent poll that I saw he was at 90% disapproval. His contract is up in February, and I don’t see them keeping him. Everyone at the parks and the hotels need to stop using their cellphones and engage with the CM’s for as much as possible. Chapek wants to lay off CM’s and have us the parkgoers and hotel guests work for him for free.

  5. I just returned from a stay at The Polynesian Resort. I completely agree that the AC levels have been changed. Resort room was miserable at night due to having a motion sensor thermostat. I just love waking up in the middle of the night sweating. I called the front desk about it. All I was offered was a box fan! Shops and restaurants did not feel as comfortable as they have in the past. I have been going to WDW every year for 20 years. After this visit, I have no desire to return. It has lost it’s Magic for me and my family.

    1. A box fan!!! I would have had a fit!!! For what you paid per night you should be comfortable!!!

    2. John

      One trick is to put a balloon in front of the thermostat.

  6. Terry

    Fire bob paycheck change.org

  7. Tony gould

    It’s deplorable the way things are going at the parks. I just hope they can remove paycheck through a petition not likely though

  8. BrianB

    Fire bob Chapstick. He succcccckkkkkkkks

    1. John

      It’s also stupid that you have to do weird stuff like put a balloon in front of the thermostat to keep the A/C on in the hotel rooms.

      At least have them set to not turn themselves off from like 8 PM-8 AM.

  9. DonB

    I understand the need for corporate profit. But all these money grubbing moves by Chapek and the worthless CFO obviously haven’t helped the stock price. It’s down considerably since he was named CEO. Guests like us , who used to go several times per year since we joined DVC in 2000 , are going to cull back our park visits to ( maybe ) once a year instead. We’re going in September to basically give it one last try. If the reports of rude guests , incredibly long lines and outrageous food prices prove true , we’re done. And it hurts to even think that.

    1. Don

      Totally agree with the temperature issue. Was at wdw the previous two Mondays with the grandkids we visited 3 parks and all of the indoor areas were definitely warmer. We actually were sweating several times. I enjoy people watching at the parks and noticed that there is a big change in the amount of guests wearing disney merchandise. In years past it would easily be greater than 60 percent wearing something disney now it’s 30 to 40 percent. You also don’t see nearly as many cast members in the parks and the cleanliness of the parks especially the restrooms have deteriorated. Plus at magic Kingdom there are still several restaurants that are closed. Been going to disney since 1972 and been a florida pass holder since 2010. I estimated that we have spent over 100k at disney but when our passes expire in June we are done with disney. Both SeaWorld and universal are better options for less cost for Florida residents than disney. Plus I’m tired of being told what I’m allowed to see, hear, and experience from a corporation. I can make those decisions on my own

  10. William

    We were just at Disney and stayed at 3 resorts and didn’t have a problem with the A/C at either Port Orleans French Quarter, All-Star Music or Art of Animation.

  11. Jose

    What a legacy Chapek will be remembered for! He increased prices, cut costs, pissed off the customer base, lost The Reedy Creek Improvement District and ultimately damaged the brand that a future CEO will need to repair.

    This is called living in a bubble with no sense of perspective. Total myopathy, low IQ, low EQ.

  12. Kim

    Americans like their ac way too cold, and I’m usually miserable everywhere I go that is air conditioned. I always have a jacket with me. Most countries don’t have ac, even in the Caribbean. We all need to learn to turn our thermostats a little higher.

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