Comments for “Disney Restored the Snyderverse,” Batman Officially Joins Disney

Ben Affleck as Batman

Credit: Warner Bros.


  1. Kelvington

    This movie is as close as we will ever get to “Roger Rabbit 2”. I was shocked at how clever it was.

  2. HalloweenGuy

    Welp, at least ITM devoted the beginning of the article to the title.

    But again, sensationalism. If you think Batman is now a Disney property then you have to include all the other cameos: Randy Marsh from South Park and Butthead from Beavis and Butthead.

    How all the IP was pulled off is way beyond me. And why they pirated their own IPs (aka Winnie the Pooh) is ever more confusing.

    But I definitely enjoyed teh film and I think anyone who grew up in the ’80s and ’90s, before The Disney Channel became Disney Channel in 1997 and ultimately met its demise in 2002 with the purge of vintage materials will also enjoy it.

  3. Sebastian

    Done now Disney has batman so done theyer gonna mess Batman up now to

  4. Jack Meoff

    This means nothing. If anything its just a meme. It means nothing for Ben Affleck or the snyderverse. It’s obviously just for laughs

  5. Chris Wood

    In sure the idiots reading this article are jumping to conclusions now, thinking that Disney now owns Batman. I’m sure disney gave Warren Brothers some compensation for allowing DC characters in their movies or serise.

  6. Chris Schmalz

    Aside from a DC character (Batman) appearing in Disney’s Chip ‘N’Dale’s:Rescue Rangers,what about He-Man and Skeletor sitting side by side at a fan convention voiced by the original actors from the cartoon,how did Disney pull that off without breaking any copyright law’s?

  7. Chance

    Disney better keep their nasty rodent hands off of Batman and DC

    1. M0V13 M4ST3R

      I agree

  8. Matrix-54

    It must of taken Disney years just to get permission from all those different studios. Counted at least 6 different studios that the characters came from!

  9. Noah Brown

    WB was not involved in the inclusion of Batman. Just like Sega with Ugly Sonic, it was counted as a parody and thus they did not have to involve anyone in the process. This is no way means Batman or DC will be joining Disney

  10. M0V13 M4ST3R


  11. BubbaGump

    Hopeful that Snyder will see the bat signal on Disney +.

  12. Mitzeee

    Whatever Disney touch these days makes a great film seris into alot of woke crap , Disney should stick to thier woke lgb rubbish and leave normal films alone , bet walt disney is spinning in his grave over how his company went from a well respected kids company to a woke piece of s***

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