Comments for ‘Back to the Future’ DeLorean Spotted at Disney Park, Confuses Guests

back to the future doc brown marty mcfly with delorean

Credit: Universal


  1. TotalDramaDisney

    Seems fair. If Universal won’t give Disney’s stuff back, Disney might as well take some of Universal’s stuff.

  2. Good thing they got an end spot for the “gull wing” doors

    1. Phil N

      Gull wing doors need less space than regular doors.

  3. Chris Williams

    Universal don’t deserve the delirean after closing the Back to the future ride. I loved that ride.

    1. John

      Agreed… it was the best. They actually have the DeLorean on display a walking distance down from the now Simpson ride, that took over the Back to the future ride. It’s not the same!!! They actually sell the DVD anniversary Trilogy package, but you have to read closely and it actually has Back to the future the ride in full length as a bonus material. Nothing like the ride experience itself though I agree !!

  4. cb

    I was parked on the left top corner.I see little black part of my car. I was watching the guy that took these pictures when i was ready to leave. The owner got there when i did and just went to enjoy the park for the day

  5. S.B.

    MARTY! We have to go to back the future to stop Bob Chapek from becoming CEO! It’ll be a disaster!

  6. Balaris

    Theres a guy where I live who built replica of the back to future car. And I would if that’s him.

    1. Chuck

      It is seen at the parks regularly. Must be owned by a season pass holder.

    2. Sophie

      This car is from the DeLoreon Motor Company. Yes some people build replicas of the deloreon but in this case this one’s straight from the factory. This is a friends car by the way which is why I know

  7. John

    Move the Simpsons elsewhere. It’s time to bring, Back to the future in it’s original location !!!! In Universal. I guess there is no harm in universal and Disney swapping a couple of things on display!! It’s all g👀d 👍

  8. John

    WDW railroad needs to make a comeback as well. I am hearing They closed it in 2018 because they were working on the Tron ride in tomorrowland. And may reopen in late 2022 or Spring 2023. Good news. Also , bring back Mr. toads wild ride in fantasyland!! 1998 closed .. (Winnie the Pooh took over ) As well as Snow White ride (closed in 2012) (Disney Princess hall) took over. and Peter Pan ride in fantasy land!! In Disney World Florida

  9. Rya

    Respectfully, this movie franchise isn’t a “cult-classic” as the author of this article described. The, Back To The Future franchise, is widely recognized as a cinematic achievement, loved by a vast diversity of people. It is, quite simply, a beloved movie franchise. There’s nothing “cult” about it.

    Also, Fire Bob Paycheck!

  10. Joel Newman

    Saw the same car in the Seaworld car park, took a few pics.

  11. Jens

    Whatever you do Marty, never go back to 2020

  12. Chris Wood

    I’m sure Disney is getting some kick back for allowing universal use some of their marvel characters. Though technically Disney doesn’t own the rights to Spider-Man or the Hulk, but universal does own the rights to anything back to the future, even the DeLorean from the movies.

  13. D

    Its owned by a cast member who built it up himself to have as his everyday car. He loves the car.

    1. Sophie

      There might be another person who also has a deloreon. But this is a friends car and he went to Disney with his car just to enjoy the park for the day. His car is from the Deloreon Motor Company, so it was not built by him.

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