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goofy (left) and pluto (right) outside of disney's grand floridian resort

Credit: Disney


  1. Brooke

    There is a whole new feel to the hotel stays at WDW this year than last year. The staff at even the luxury resorts are untrained, don’t know much about anything, and really lack the polish that the previous CM’s used to have. You don’t feel important, or appreciated at all. We got a call when we left the hotel, they got our checkout day wrong and were calling and pestering me. I had to take about an hour out of my day to escalate to management to get them to back off. I won’t even tell you what we paid per night at that WDW resort. I was livid. And funny enough, I never got a customer satisfaction survey email. Hmm. Wonder why? LOL.

  2. Bob

    Put your privacy sign on your door and you will avoid this issue. Housekeeping is not going to wait until 11AM to start knocking on doors. People leave early all the time and don’t tell the Front Desk. Read the information posted in the room and you will avoid these issues.

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