Comments for ‘Ant-Man 3’ Ending Reported to Reveal Paul Rudd’s Replacement

Evangeline Lilly as the Wasp (left) and Paul Rudd as Ant Man (right)

Credit: Marvel Studios


  1. Chris Wood

    Well its logical to assume that they will have the next generation avengers were the sons and daughters of the original team takes over
    So why not let Scott Langs daughter be wasp or wear the antman suit.

    1. CalledIt

      That is what happens in the comics. I don’t think they are bringing in the Young Avengers just yet though.

      1. Juke

        Stop getting in politics are you will lose fans. Don’t be pressured by Gay Woke or Feminsit Woke or black woke. They don’t own the world

        1. Tuxedo Cat

          Agreed. They are completely wrecking the entertainment business

        2. Luke

          Thank you. Getting damn tired of this crap

  2. MCU is starting to suck

    In my opinion the MCU is going down the drain.
    From the eternal, Morbias, moon night Dr Strange, and now this… the MCU has gotten darker and crappy! Even the cgi reminds me of DC and it’s crap!
    They did a fantastic job on Spider man but pretty much everything else is pure poop!

    1. Ronald

      Morbias is Sony. Technically speaking, Sony owns and produced the movie. Marvel didn’t have a hand in it

    2. AlanH

      Moon Knight ? So far the best Disney+ MCU Series that people loved, and you bring it up as MCU’s “fall.”

  3. Meg Everson

    Really? Have you vetted this account…. like, at all? Take a look at their other “prediction” and “RUMOR” tweets – they’re horrifically inaccurate. Tbh, feels like their “sources” are just themselves. Be better.

  4. drew who

    A few years ago Marvel Comics introduced what they called their All New All Different line up which introduced a lot of the legacy characters the MCU are bringing to life . The problem is the characters like the Jane Foster Thor , Sam Wilson Captain America , Iron Heart , Kate Bishop Hawkeye ,America Charvez etc led to falling comic sales and you can’t help but wonder if the same will happen at the box office .

    1. Nick

      I hope it’s what happens. Doc Strange 2 was my last movie. Every movie since Infinity War has been trash and the shows have been even worse. It’s a dead brand, just like the books are.

    2. If it all goes south they can lick their wounds for a few years then reboot the franchise.

    3. Luke

      Yep, it will. They just refuse to get it

  5. Kenneth Bateman

    MCU needs to stop following DCs woke garbage BS! With every new show/movie they are replacing every male character with a female counterpart. It’s all good to have inclusion but don’t change existing characters make new ones.

    1. Luke

      They just riding the Original’s coattail becuz they are incapable of coming up with something new

  6. Mr White

    Its not a rumour or report, its from a random twitter account that was proved to make things up for Doctor Strange.

    Cassie isn’t going to be Ant-Man anyone is she ? She would be Ant-Woman

  7. Dan

    So going woke. Ant man is going to be a…I would say a woman but I’m not a biologist.

  8. belreal

    So, they’re replacing Paul Rudd’s character; one of the most likeable guy in Hollywood that has one of the largest fanbase in the entire world with Kathryn Newton; who’s pretty much replaced the original actress Isabelle Fuhrmann and got a moderate backlash for it?

    Yep. Checks out. Do whatever you do best Marvel. Think I’m done for now.

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