Comments for Annual Passholder Calls Out Disney’s “Unfair” Ride Preview System

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  1. Liz

    Yesterday (Monday 5/9) they weren’t allowing passholders to ride multiple times during preview slot; at least when I was there in morning. They turned us away if we tried to ride again

    1. Sally

      I’m a Florida resident annual pass holder. I waited on hold for an hour to get a chance to ride. And then it said all filled up. I was not happy at all. Thinking about canceling our passes. Not happy with Disney lately.

      1. CJ

        Agree. We didn’t even get an invitation. It seems we always get passed by even though we pay for the most expensive passes and are DVC members. Dropping our passes this year. The magic has disappeared.

  2. Mr Smiles

    I really like the yellow smiley on this post.

  3. Jackie

    I’d love to get a preview ride before May 27. I got an email asking if I’d to preview the new Guardians ride. I answered yes right away but it was already filled.

  4. Katy

    I was not even lucky enough to get an email and we have been passholders for years. But we hopefully will get to ride when we are there this summer.

  5. Alexis

    The person was likely doing the rider swap and able to ride twice. My 7 year old was able to ride twice due to this.
    Or maybe this person was a cast member? Some have gotten to ride multiple times as cast members and “media/bloggers”

  6. Melanie

    When we checked in for DVC preview, most members mentioned they signed up for both previews. Thus riding more than once. To my knowledge Disney was not allowed multiple rides per preview. They were allowing baby swap though.

  7. Jessica R

    I’ve seen people posting about going multiple days and previewing it multiple times in that day like one said he did the cm preview and rode twice and then did it again as a doc and rode three times I didn’t even get an email saying it was open to sign up I only noticed cause people were posting on Facebook so I joined the queue and watched my time tick down from over an hr to down to 39 mins then the time went right back up to 50 mins then over an hr again and next thing it said was event full so yeah it was very unfair and there should be more spots especially since so many people who couldn’t read were obviously signing up on days their pass was blocked or they then couldn’t go. I mean I’m a single rider I wouldn’t take up much time or room

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