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  1. John

    Sandy been closed for ” maintenance” since last year …rides break down every day. Wouldn’t visit…

  2. Andrew S.

    You forgot to mention they have an indoor ski slope called Big Snow in the list of other amenities. Its the only one in the Western hemisphere.

    1. Millennial mom

      That’s a separate fee

  3. Nabila

    I went 3 times and didn’t enjoy the experience. My kids stood in line for 3 different rides, only to be told there are out of order. It is about 2 hours waiting for no reason. I was so unhappy and it is not the best usee of my money for 3 kids. Of course I wouldn’t want them to operate in unsafe conditions but this is not acceptable for me at all.

  4. I had to reread this article four tim. I had no idea what it was about. Would I visit a park that had 5 rides that I enjoy but, 4 are down. If I were only going there specifically to enjoy those rides, I would skip it. I wouldn’t bother. If it were Hershey Park in Pennsylvania, I love walking around there! The boardwalk like games to win prizes are fun. The restaurants are amazing! I feel the same way about WDW. I do not go for the rides. I do not have children so, I go to enjoy myself. I love EPCOT’s World Showcase! I enjoy sampling the foods. I enjoy the fireworks. I love the Animal Kingdom. I go very early and I love the information that I get. But, that’s just me. Have a great day everyone!

  5. Roger

    I stopped going to “ALL” theme parks after Disney started charging outrageous fees for a single day and everything you wanted to do was shut down or closed for repairs the day you arrive.
    No thank you, NEVER going to a Disney park or any another theme park for that matter again. It’s only geared for the rich now anyways.

    1. Perona

      What a cry baby

      1. Devin

        What an a-hole. Roger has a valid point about theme parks charging way too much for fees just to get into the parks let alone money wasted by waiting in 2+ hour long lines for rides or 1+ hour lines to get over priced fast food.

        1. Zechs

          He didn’t make a valid complaint. He made a complaint about disney and he’s boycotting all the other parks. Plenty of other parks don’t charge nearly as much as Disney, have shorter lines and plenty to do. He’s making an uneducated guest and saying it’s all geared to the rich. So he’s acting like a baby.

      2. James

        You’re A douche

  6. Bella

    I would have appreciated more information on rides closed and why other than what else this place had to offer. Article was titled ” Giant American Theme Park Shuts Down Nearly Every Coaster, Guests Refuse to Visit” an i correct? Or was it “giant theme park amenities “?

  7. Deitra Pawley

    The theme park is only just one part of Mall of America, I’ve seen videos on YouTube the place is huge,so you can’t visit the theme park section ok,there’s probably tons of other things to do there,so I don’t know if people mean they wouldn’t visit the entire mall because no roller-coasters or just the theme park section and aren’t there other rides besides roller-coasters

    1. From the context, I think they are talking about the new American Dream in New Jersey (since it mentions Newark airport aka EWR), but it sure isn’t clear based on how this is written!!!

      1. Jill E. Bean

        You are right, those rides are specifically at the one in NJ.

  8. Fred

    This is one of the most poorly written articles I’ve ever read. It reads like an ad for the American dream Mall. Maybe another career is in order for you.

    1. Brick n motor

      Thats what i noticed. I kept scrolling waiting to read more about the story but there was no more to read. Lame.

  9. John from Jersey

    I know exactly what theme park this article is referring to – Nickelodeon World at the American Dream Mall (formerly known as “Xanadu”, but that’s another story for another time…)
    I know this because I’m a lifelong inmate, I mean resident, of New Jersey.
    I have been wanting to take my 4 yo granddaughter there for a long time. But first the wuflu delayed opening for a year, and now they are indicating all these ride closures. I really want to go, as I am a coaster buff, and it’s less than 2 hours from my house (actually everything in Jersey is less than 2 hours away from everything, but I digress).
    However, I have better things to do with $300, because that’s what it will cost the wife & I to take the little one there, with admission, parking, NJ Turnpike tolls, now Gas, food, and the obligatory Souvenirs.
    BTW this article was very poorly written.

  10. Washika Rich

    Yes I’m am agreeing to these statements because my first experience was totally unacceptable and I have not even went back

  11. Jon M

    They are shutting them down because there is no workers, no maintenance and no parts if they do break down. Now the UN said we have 10 weeks of wheat left for the world. Let that sink in.

    1. Michael A

      There are only 3 places on earth where majority of food is grown, central US, Eastern/central Europe, and China.

      If one of those areas collapse it causes food shortages around the world. They used to teach this in science classes.

  12. AriR

    This is the most poorly written article I have ever read. It’s just linear or coherent. It’s almost like it was written by some bot. Title has nothing to do with article.

  13. AriR

    Not linear, I mean.

  14. Dan

    I agree that this article is very poorly written. Also, this park may be large for indoors, but 8.5 acres is tiny compared to a Six Flags at 160 acres or Disney World where each park is 300 acres. I would save my time and money. I can take someone to a Six Flags for the same dough.

  15. Kenneth Thalheim

    On the flip side. If the takabisha clone is running. Could marathon it.. is it worth the price. Not really.

    A park like this Should run per ride prices to nab guests who don’t want the all day experience but just wants to ride a ride while in the mall.

  16. Carmine Crincoli

    It’s kinda sad to see some attractions close down, but I’d love to see some expansions to include more rides and attractions like some Loud House rides, a better carousel with various animals, a smaller Reptar-Go-Round carousel for both the Mall of America and American Dream Meadowlands Nickelodeon Universe parks, etc.!

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