Comments for Marvel’s Controversial ‘Doctor Strange’ Character Receiving “Standalone Project”

Wanda Maximoff as Elizabeth Olsen

Credit: Marvel Studios


  1. Charlotte Neilan

    No LGBTQ+. That mindset does not represent Christian America but then most of marvel does not even though Her powers are acceptable (fantasy)and most of us wee brought up on super heroes and fantasy.

    1. Giin

      Now now, 1% of America are LGTBQAAIPRT++, it’s only fair for them to receive equal representation. That works out to about 2 minutes of runtime, which they received. Fair’s fair.

      Perfectly balanced, as all things should be.

    2. F

      Christianity is historically murderous, abusive, bigoted. I’m glad America is a good nation rather than a Christian nation.

      1. L. Jen

        Please read real history thank you.

        1. Setnakt Spears

          And exactly what statement was historically inaccurate. This history professor would love to know, because I saw none.

    3. Setnakt Spears

      “Christian” America does not represent America. Most Americans identity as only semi-religious. Not fanatics to a hate group that masquerades as a “religion”.

  2. Giin

    How exactly did she steal the show? She could have been replaced with a magic artifact in Strange’s possession and the movie would have been unchanged. She was nothing more than an “also there” character, until the ending where the power of friendship suddenly teaches her how to control her powers.

    1. Jason

      America was the most boring character in the whole movie. Outside of that, I enjoyed the movie. Didn’t put me to sleep like Black Widow.

      1. David

        I agree. America’s character was bland and boring. She didn’t fit in the story and I walked out not caring that she was even in the movie. Not an attack on the actor or the LGTBQ community, but the writer did a poor job of building a character that mattered or that we even cared about. It would have made more sense to tie in the Loki series which already touched on a crisis within the multiverse. Marvel needs to get back to focusing on characters that we are invested in and to stop trying to expand the Marvel Universe.

  3. L. Jen

    America Chavez has to be one of the cringest and lowest comic book selling characters out of marvels more modern line up. This is why I just stick to the books these movies and shows are terrible. Moonknight? Yeah he is insane and pulls the flesh from people’s faces but in the show he is played by a pansy of a man that wear skirts and has his wife help him half the way. Yikes.

  4. USAgent Black

    Bottom line, this was agenda pushing. She is from ANOTHER UNIVERSE. Why in the world would she have an LGBT pin??!!!? Where she’s from, there are no men. So she does not see the conflict, and we don’t have any reason to believe that she’s been in any universe long enough for this to be an issue. She just comes across as a fake political placeholder. My kids will not know her, as children.

  5. Tom

    Maybe, its the dad in me but I Liked her character. And Im a pretty conservative guy. I want to see her develop her powers and character. Just write the character and don’t force things.

    THAT’S what a Hero is All About!
    Is a hero gonna try and save Everybody!?
    Or just those that are deemed worthy to be saved!?
    We’re ALLL 1 Blood!

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