Comments for Amber Heard’s Sister Testifies, Describes Johnny Depp as Controlling and Violent

amber heard testimony

Credit: Screenshot via Law & Crime Network


  1. Lin

    I believe Amber H. Is telling the truth. She would not be making this up if it wasn’t real. I wish for Amber to win this case; her lawyers should be more aggresive.

    1. Michelle

      She’s been caught in so many lies I’ve lost count, and her stories change a lot. Depp, on the other hand, has not been caught in lies and has not changed his story. My favorite Heard lies were when she said on three separate occasions she “thought” she had a broken nose. Who does that? There were no pictures or doctors to back up her tales.

  2. Walt

    Amber is so full of crap she couldn’t stop from pooping on Johnny Depp’s bed. Who does that?

    And for you ultra-feminists blinded by man hate, it’s obvious Amber is guilty and even more obvious she is lying, doesn’t take a trained professional to see that. Even her witnesses have been coached, not too mention her stories become more elaborate with each retelling.

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