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Amber Heard (left) Johnny Depp (right)


  1. Katie

    Yes! I have.. and I’m on #teamJohnnydepp
    It is obvious that she had one goal. And that was to line her pocket book. And also to get parts in movies, based on who she was marry to. She definitely is bipolar. Her mood swings are off the charts!
    I hope Johnny wins

    1. Cindy

      100% ~ JusticeForJohnny

  2. Katie

    My prediction for Amber is she will definitely need therapy.. I believe her younger sister has definitely been abused physically by Amber. And that Ambers parents know how flippant Amber is

  3. Debb

    Oh what’s wrong Amber? You know you lied and the truth will come out? Justice 4 Johnny

  4. K2222

    Aww does she just now register that belittling and mocking someone about domestic abuse that she did wasn’t going to put her in a good light??
    She’s a horrid person and deserves the full weight of justice

  5. I feel sorry for JD. The Disney Company should have never fired him, knowing all the great work he did for them in all the films. Where was their support? AH is BPD (Borderline) who used JD to elevate her career and destroy his. That is what BPD do-they try to bury you

  6. Jo


  7. SP

    It makes me sick that Disney and WB both fired Johnny over abuse ALLEGATIONS!! That bipolar witch didn’t have to prove anything, just make a statement and ruin the talented actor’s career. Whatever happened to innocent until PROVEN guilty? I am 1000% Justice4Johnny. Give him is roles back that were stripped from him and let that beotch pay for what she has done.

  8. Roe

    I agree with everyone’s comments. Disney should apologize to Johnny Depp, they too helped to ruin him. As for Amber, she looks like like a matron sitting there in the.courtroom looking oh so innocent and drugged. Her choice of attire or her lawyers????

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