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amber heard on stand (left) amber heard bloody lip (right)


  1. Anonymous

    How can you post misinformation without fact checking first? A simple google search would show you that this is false!
    Her lawyers never mentioned the brand or the name of the palette. They used a prob to talk about makeup and concealer. Never have they claimed it was tfrom Milani.

    1. Pat


    2. Jamie Coughlin

      Goodness gracious they certainly did. They couldn’t pronounce it though, maybe that is what you are thinking…

    3. Tamra

      Geez, have you even watched the court proceedings? Amber’s attorney didn’t just physically show the makeup palette, and say the brands name, she stated “this is the exact makeup Amber used.”

    4. Chris

      Actually, they did. I saw and heard it.

  2. I’ve been watching the trial amber is such an actress actually a bad actress, how can she sit and just lie lie lie it’s terrible

    1. Greg

      agreed how the case hasn’t ended the second she lied under oath, repeatedly now, and ruled in favour of Depp

  3. Stephani

    As a survivor of domestic violence I think Johnny Depp did hit her but I think she instigated some of the incidents by pushing his buttons deliberately. Toxic on both sides

    1. Dale

      There was no proof. Didn’t even take photos or to the doctor. She can take photos of other things but God forbid not the damage she said he done….

    2. Angela

      DS survivor here and I don’t believe a word she says. He’s the one who displays signs of being abused.

      1. Andrea Conti

        I also survived domestic abuse, and it is JD who was abused by Amanda Heard, she has a history of being an Buser and a liar. She has no credibility.

      2. Kerry Brooks

        Totally correct

    3. Se


  4. Annabelle

    I’m mean, it’s going out on a very thin limb to say she had any credibility to begin with. She’s nothing but an abusive liar and deserves everything she gets from this trial.

    1. Teresa

      She is a liar. Not a good one either. Sick mind. Very scary, and I am done with Disney. They are as dishonorable as she is proving herself to be every time she opens her mouth.

      1. Se

        Wth does disney have to do with the jd v ah defamation trial? At least disney stands up for ppl being bullied by the bully, loser of a governor who is the laughing stock of even the other gop governor’s.

        1. Greg

          thats all well and good but in this case disney dropped JD entirely because of AH claim

  5. Patrick

    It’s clear she is trying to expand a career that doesn’t measure up to JD’s career.

    I also don’t see a guy who has never been
    acused of any type of violence all of a sudden becoming violent!

    Further it also seems like she was plotting this for some time and then was filming her then husband drunk !

    He showed no hint of being violent or aggressive.

    Look what he has lost because of her lies.

    WITH ZERO PROOF. Screw Hollywood. This guy has made you idiots Billions and this is how you treat him.

  6. Rebecca smith

    Johnny Depp supporter! I believe she either bruised herself with like Botox session or fought her sister (had her sister create the injury/injuries or used makeup (very easy to do) to create injuries to get back at him (as threatened in one of the audio recordings.

  7. Donna

    I have been watching the entire trial and I think Amber Heard is the worst actor ever! She has been coached to look at the judge and pretend to cry during her testimony. She is a liar.

  8. Julian

    I don’t know how she can be trusted, she now has lied so many times in court, she has zero credibility.

    I’m not sure I believe Depp did anything, other than argue with her, but we will never know.

    Amber has not only shown what a liar she is, but also a gold digging wanna be. I used to like her but not now, such a manipulative moo.

  9. Kashae

    Will Smith slaps Chris Rock – assault.

    Amber cuts off a piece of Depp’s finger – kinda on the fence on this one….

    hahahahha – your bias is showing…. tasteless.

  10. K

    Once again, amber heard is caught in another lie. She is NOT a credible person! Yet, Disney is condemning Johnny Depp based on NO proof of her allegations! Is this still America? A person would have to be proven guilty to face consequences, Disney has made themselves trial, jury & judge without any proof?! My respect for this company & Jerry Bruckheimer has dropped drastically! I refuse to spend one more dime at DWD & will not watch a woman pretending to be Jack Sparrow!!

    1. jj

      A liar and a manipulator are what Amber Heard is? Using the abused woman card to stay relevant. It is very easy to see through her bad acting.

  11. Jamie Coughlin

    Possibly tarnished? How many lies does one have to tell before one’s credibility is in the toilet?

  12. LISTEN UP….AMBER HEARD is a LIAR and has an ANGER Management PROBLEM. If JD had Stayed with HER Any LONGER..HE Could have Winded UP like TRAVIS ALEXANDER what JODI ARIAS did to HIM. GOOD Thing JD got out when the getting was GOOD. From SamuraiQueen. 😄😄😄😇😇😇🤔🤔🤔😎😎😎

  13. amy

    Well said!

  14. Anonymous

    Master Manipulator she is for the most part. Look at him before and after a life with her that tells the story.

  15. Amber has a diagnosis of both Borderline Personality Disorder and unstable borderline BPD. She also has a history of assaulting other people. The words she uses and presentation seem to me consistent with clients I have worked with UBPD.
    Jonny on the other hand has no history of DV with former partners who he had long term relationships with and presents as someone who is consistent and simply wants to clear his name. I think he was drawn into Heard’s vortex which resulted in his own mental health being compromised. People like Amber who are extremely attractive and effective at reeling people in, most often sabotage the relationship and become extremely manipulative and abusive. However, due to their UBPD they always act out while blaming their behaviour on the victim .

  16. Vane

    DV survivor here and I do not believe a word Amber Heard says. I see Johnny Depp showing the real signs of a DV survivor

  17. Saz

    Did you watch the part where she admitted she has not paid a penny of her divorce settlement to charity? Other people gave money in her “honour” such as Mr Musk giving a whopping 500’00 to each, Mr Depp 100,000 to each but Ms Heard paid zero. This despite having the full psyment for 13 months before Mr Depp sued. That alone shows how manipulative, dishonest and immoral she is. Never mind the many photos contradicting her ‘injuries’, her domestic violence arrest on a previous spouse, assaulting her sister, her drug and alcohol abuse etc.

    1. SusieQ

      I thought she was getting the divorce settlements in payments.

  18. Ed

    Amber nobody likes you and you’re gonna have to go back to Texas and fight dogs with your dad or something because the career you never had is resuming it’s original position. Honestly, Texas probably can’t stand you either.

  19. RB

    Amber Heard is the worst kind of human there is. You make women whom were actually abused look bad. You should be ashamed of yourself. You are disgusting.

  20. Amber needs the “BIGGEST COURT LIAR BOOK” thrown at her and thrown into jail. Isn’t lying against the law in court?

  21. Peepeepoopoo

    …… Talk about ironic.
    Defamation case.
    …. And here we are defaming someone else.
    Milani is the only one who said that Milani was what amber claimed to use. However…. That exact kit only came out after all the claims.
    What was said is she used a kit just like this. Meaning… The colors and how they are used to cover up, hide, and blend.
    It astounds me…how many people even when given clear and concise truthful statements…defend an outright lie, and even claim they heard it from the horses mouth.

    …and how do these same people get off on declaring amber is the liar.

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